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Go To Outfit Is A Must!!

Monday, Monday, MOOOONDAY!

Actually, it’s technically Tuesday since it’s 1:30am – but heck, let’s go with it.

You know my girlfriend that runs Jordanas Boutique that I often talk about? Well she’s like my older sister, best friend, sponsor and a million other things so it only makes sense that we literally talk every minute of every day. Okay, maybe not every minute – but pretty damn close!

Today we were cracking jokes about her age (she’s only um… errrr….twenty….two…. but hey, it’s fun!) and somehow, like most of our conversations, we totally ended up off track. We started talking about how every woman must have their “go to” outfit. You know, that outfit that you can throw on and you know you’ll kill it. That outfit that you can toss together on and just know that you’ll turn heads and feel confident as all hell while in that outfit.

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It’s that outfit that you go to when you’re running late, need to let yourself know that you still have it, or wanna look banging! It makes sense now that every single woman needs one right?Jordana was telling me how her go-to outfit is a fab pair of denim (she’s got a “booty booty booty rocking everywhere” on her), a good push up bra and a tank top. Simple, right? But that’s hergo to. That’s her outfit that she feels the absolute sexiest in. That’s her outfit that she can always rely on to bring spice back into her and give her a little hop in her skip.I think I said that saying wrong – but whatever. Like always, we’ll go with it.
I started thinking about what my go to outfit is. It wasn’t until I stopped thinking about it that I could actually figure it out! Manizzle had called me and I had 5 minutes to get ready to run out – and that’s when I was like, “Yup! This is, indeed, the outfit that is my go to!”It’s that outfit I can rely on to make me feel good, confident and decent, even if I only have 5 minutes to get ready.Wait a second?Of course, you’re wanting me to shut the front door and tell you what it is right?Okay, so – I have too – depending on how bloated (ahem fat ahem heffer) I feel that day. Just kidding! That’s a lie! It depends on how tight my jeans are… let’s get serious!So my go-to outfit #1 is …  *drum roll please*

a great pair of dark denim (obviously)

– you know you have a favourite pair!

high heel boots

– ow ow!

loose shirt that shows some middrift

– oooh, how scandelous!

a fab push up bra

– lacking in that area… I need SOMETHING to help me out.

big, square, bold sunglasses!!

– the bigger, the better!

go to outfit, big square sunglasses, denim, high heel boots, push up bra, must have monday, makeup look, hair style, tank top, beltThen, I thought that I would only show a little bit of tummy if my jeans weren’t too tight because no one likes some muffin top, right? I then made jokes that I do, indeed, have an hour glass figure… times 2 – one on top of another.

However, if I am bloated (ahem jeans too tight), this would be my go-to outfit;




a fabulous pair of dark denim

great and an adorable pair of pumps or wedges

a tank

strapless shirt

a fab push up bra

sexy belt

big, square, bold sunglasses!!

Jordana said she has an hourglass figure… from the side only.
Oh how we make fun of ourselves. You’d think we hated ourselves, but the truth is, we love ourselves way way way way way too much.

What’s your go to outfit?

I read in my bible (ahem cosmo) that most woman feel sexiest in the simplest of clothes. Actually, I don’t know if I read that there. Okay, so it’s possible that I actually just made that up. I’m not sure – but I hope I did because I think it’s true!

Maybe next week I’ll do my go-to hair and makeup look.

Every woman must have a go to hair style and makeup look, right?


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