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Award-nominated, published and top-rated are only a few of the terms used to describe my career as an online freelance writer and content marketer. I am also an active member of the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors.

Freelance Writer • Blogger • Consultant • Strategist • Marketer • Entrepreneur • Ambassador • Style Enthusiast • Free Spirit •

Well, to start – there’s no way I could possibly sum myself up as a freelance writer and online marketer in one tiny post. However, I’ll give it a shot.

My name is Chantal McCulligh and I’m a 28-year-old Canadian freelance writer, self-proclaimed outdoors junkie, and lover of life, love and fashion. With my entrepreneurial mindset, I am constantly inspired and am always coming up with new projects to further my brand or to start a new one.


characterized by the taking of financial risks in the hope of profit; enterprising.
“an entrepreneurial culture”


After becoming a professional freelance writer in 2000, my passion for writing was being consumed by this thing called “work”. I quickly noticed that after clicking away on my keyboard filling in the spaces where other people couldn’t find the words, I was leaving spaces in my own journey. So, I created this website. To share my writing, my experiences, my mistakes, my thoughts, my opinions, my struggles and of course, my sense of humour. And now that I sound like a complete narcissist, allow me to reassure you that my website is so much more than just about me. Through my words of wisdom (or lack of), I hope to inspire each and every one of my readers and to make a difference in this world with nothing other than a hefty dose of words.
You will also find samples of my freelance writing and online marketing work, services available to you, as well as advice on how to become successful online.
When I’m not writing for other clients, I work on my own brands. Anxiety Gone is my latest venture, an online resource center for those suffering with mental illness. It’s my mission to show people how to overcome their struggles and live the life they deserve, regardless of their diagnosis or roadblocks. Why, you ask? Because I am living proof that your past or mental health doesn’t have to dictate your future.
In addition to writing helpful tips, tricks and mental health awareness articles, I operate a mental health box subscription, where you can sign up to receive monthly boxes that are filled with natural anxiety relief. Again, it’s my dream to help others achieve everything they want in life, regardless of their own personal struggles.
Currently, I have many books and eBooks in the work, and I am always looking forward to connecting with new clients to see how I can further their aspirations and business goals.

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