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Children’s Book – Coming in 2016

Teenage Girl Book – Coming in 2016


Well, to start – there’s no way that I could possibly sum myself up in one tiny post. Trust me. I‘m complicated…. way more complicated than I could ever write in a couple of paragraphs. However, I’ll give it a shot!

My name is Chantal McCulligh and I’m a 26-year-old Canadian writer, self-proclaimed outdoors junkie, and lover of life, love and fashion. With my entrepreneurial mindset, I am constantly feeling inspired. So, I am always coming up with new projects to further my brand or to start a new one.


characterized by the taking of financial risks in the hope of profit; enterprising.
“an entrepreneurial culture”


After becoming a professional writer in 2000, my writing became consumed with work. I quickly noticed that after ticking away on my keyboard filling in the spaces where other people couldn’t find the words, I was leaving spaces in my own journey. So, I created this website. To share my writing, my experiences, my mistakes, my thoughts, my opinions, my struggles and of course, my sense of humour. And now that I sound like a complete narcissist, allow me to reassure you that my website is so much more than just about me. Through my words of wisdom (or lack of), I hope to inspire every one of my readers, and make a difference in this world with nothing other than a hefty dose of words.

Life is silly; let’s have a laugh.


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