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Must Know Online Fashion Shopping Secrets

I make Winners my biatch. I do online fashion shopping at this store like it’s a clearance rack full of life essentials in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It may be a bit of an addiction, and as soon as you learn the tricks of the trade within my fashion blog, then you will probably be joining my rehab class. Honestly. Fashion Blogs Addict 101.

For all my Americans out there, Winners is similar to TJ Max or online fashion shopping like Overstock Sales of the Week. It is a store full of all kinds of styles, brands, items and prices. Everything is extremely discounted, and I’m assuming that this is because high end stores won’t put their online fashion clothing on the floors if a simple stitch is out of place, and for the other brands, it’s left over items that they didn’t sell out of…

Regardless of the reason for the cheap clothes getting to these stores, reap in the benefits because the savings are impeccable.

How To Save More Money on High End Cheap Clothes

There is a little bit of a online clothes shopping secret that I am going to share with you on my fashion blogs. The trick to shopping high and spending low is all about these online fashion shopping stores. While I do purchase “normal” brands, I really strive to find high end brands for several reasons. The main one being…

With high end brands, you get better-made clothing.

The material used is of higher quality, as is the process and care of the clothing. As a result, they are much more likely to last longer, so you can get more out of the fashion. That’s not to mention that better quality clothing also make you look much more fabulous because they are more fit to the shape of the body.

So, when you spend a little more money on a high end brand at such online clothes shopping overstock stores, you are actually investing in a phenomenal wardrobe that will last longer, so you won’t have to go shopping to replace items that almost instantly wear out. Of course, we would go shopping regardless, but at least you will be adding to your wardrobe with this little tip.

My Recent Savings of Online Fashion

My most recent savings were a total of $186!

I only spent $106 at Winners, and if I had shopped at these clothing stores at their actual locations, I would have paid $293.

Now, math isn’t my forte, so I can’t even begin to try to tell you the percentage of savings that is there, but it is a damn lot if I must say so myself.

This is only one example of the endless savings that I get at Winners.

My Online Clothes Shopping Secret 

First, head for the clearance racks. Then, shop the other sections that are still extremely marked down – Just not as much as the clearance items.

This is my little Canadian fashion blogs secret, so don’t tell everyone. I get almost all my high-end brands here – Gucci, Armani, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Coach, etc.


So whether you are heading to TJ Max, Overstock, Winners or other stores in your area, get your stylish savings on, girl! Oh, and dudes can enjoy the savings as well.

Do you have a secret online clothes shopping tip that you should share with all of us? Comment down in the section below and let us all improve our wardrobes.



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