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Get Fashion Forward with Canadian Made Wood Watches

Canadian made wood watches are my new obsession. Anytime I find authentic Canadian fashion, my heart strings skip a couple beats. But this new fashion brand in Canada isn’t like anything I ever stumbled across before. Not only is it incredibly chic, fashion forward, and unique, it also gives back to my economy as well as the environment, and that is a big win for this girl.

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Konifer’s Canadian Made Wood Watches

I really don’t even have to write anything in this blog post about Canadian made wood watches because the collection speaks for itself. From men’s accessories to women watches, sunglasses, and accessories, this is the place to buy Canadian made wood watches.

The styles are unlike anything you’d imagine from a tree. While you can certainly get some Canadian made wood watches that look like a tree, there are just as many styles that are fashion forward and chic as ever.

canadian blog, fashion blog, Canadian made wood watches, eco-fashion, eco-friendly fashion, enviornmental friendly,

The History of these Canadian Made Wood Watches

As a self-proclaimed history junkie, I like to read up on Canadian companies and see how they became what they are today. Konifer didn’t let me down. The owners didn’t wake up one day and decide to cut down some trees for fashion’s sake.

Woodworking goes back through their family tree. Their fathers and grandfathers worked in the forest all their lives, which allowed them to grow a strong admiration for the lush forests our beautiful country grows. However, they decided to take things up a notch within the woodworking industry while still emphasizing the deep roots they have within Canadian’s forests. Instead of building custom-made wood tables and other common woodworking creations, they decided to build unique, authentic Canadian made wood watches.

These Canadian Made Wood Watches Give Back to the Environment

Now, I know what you’re thinking, How can Canadian made wood watches be good for the environment? This is why I absolutely love Konifer Canadian wood watches. They don’t just cut down trees for fashion, ruining the forests and everything within them. That wouldn’t simply go against everything I believe it.

Instead, they contribute to building lush forests. With every watch purchased, they plant 1 tree through the We Forest Organization. This allows them to give back to the environment, so their children and grandchildren, along with future generations can enjoy growing up in the forest like they once did.

Turning Canadian Made Wood Watches into Chic Statements

When I stumbled across Konifer Canadian made wood watches, I was amazed at how chic the watches looked. Each style has intricate detail put into it, from the watch face to the band and everything in between. It’s actually quite astonishing when you get a good look at them.

I adore the little Canadian flag and pine tree in these luxury watches. It makes them so humble and reminds me of why I love this beautiful country.

canadian blog, fashion blog, Canadian made wood watches, eco-fashion, eco-friendly fashion, enviornmental friendly,

I have yet to wear my Ceramik wood watch without a plethora of compliments. Everyone from my parents to my siblings, boyfriend and friends have all added this to their gift lists for this year.

Using a Watch in Today’s Digital World

You’re probably wondering why the heck you need a watch in today’s digital world. There’s no denying that you can find the time basically anywhere nowadays. Just pull out your smartphone, right? Well, wood watches aren’t just for telling they. They’re also a fashion statement and one that shows the world your contribution to the environment and economy.

canadian blog, fashion blog, Canadian made wood watches, eco-fashion, eco-friendly fashion, enviornmental friendly,

However, there’s another reason why you should wear a watch instead of carrying your smartphone in your pocket. Cell phone radiation is a real thing. People who carry their cell phones in their pockets experience significant loss of bone density and women who carry their phones in their bra have seen a spike in breast cancer. One women even had the silhouette of the cellphone made up of cancer cells within her breast tissue.

So, without going too in-depth, smartphones are dangerous. While they’re a necessity to modern-day life, I strongly believe we all need to keep them away from our bodies as much as possible. If you have a watch on, you can decrease the amount of radiation exposure you receive while also limiting the proximity to your body. This is important because the closer the phone is to your body, the higher the radiation.

It’s time to trade in the cellphone clock for Canadian made wood watches. Pun intended.


If you focus on sustainable fashion that gives back to the world, these Canadian made watches are as fashionably as they are friendly. This is my must have fashion accessory for the year.  Shop Konifer today, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the kind of style you can feel good about buying.



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