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gallop around in equestrian fashion boots this fall


It’s safe to safe that I am very much so, having a love affair with a shoe warehouse – yes, the one that I got my new equestrian boots from. I probably wear them at least once a day, and I say that because I switch outfits into a new lookbook more than I breathe so the shoes that I’m rocking in the morning aren’t always what I’m rocking during the day, or at night, or every hour in between. I’m indecisive – what can I say?

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Lookbook Loving Flat Boots

I’ve definitely had flat fashion boots before, obviously – with my severe  fashion online shopping addiction, who are we trying to kid, right? What takes just any fashion boot to an Equestrian fashion boot is the structure and look. There’s a slight heel to it, approximately an inch high and they typically come in tones of browns and then, of course, the staple colour black.

I’ve been on the search for new Equestrian fashion boots for me to indulge in but I haven’t found anything that I like that come in a different colour from what I have, so I’m a little fashion deprived and I’m totally going to use this as my excuse for always, always, always wearing the same boots recently.


equestrian fashion boots, fall fashion, fashion boots, outfits, fashion online, lookbook, shoe warehouse

Versatility With Equestrian Boots

I wear these bad boys with everything. I don’t care if I’m rocking a horrendous Sunday errand outfit or a hike in the woods, these fashion boots are my little sidekick. I’ve rocked them with a nice Fall fashion dress, as well as tights and leggings, jeggings and jeans. Hoodies and sweaters, t-shirts and…. no sleeves. Honestly. I like ’em. I like ’em a lot.

Like I said, I am totally having a love affair with my Equestrian fashion boots. Let’s get serious here. No joking around here. I love them more than life. What really tugs at my fashion heart-strings is the red strip that lines the zipper ever so precisely at the back.

It really takes the boot from “a boot” to “A BOOT!”

equestrian fashion boots, fall fashion, fashion boots, outfits

Am I making any sense? I never do, eh? The true fashion enthusiasts out there know what I mean, don’t ya? Eeh Eeh? Anyone…. please….?

Honestly though, if you slip your feet into a pair of boots and they make you want to gallop around the store, slapping your butt and waving your other hand in the air like you’re at the Calgary Stampede, well, chances are that you have found your little Equestrian sidekick like I have.




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