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Funny High School Halloween

Let me introduce my lifestyle blogs readers to my good friend, Amber. Now Amber, is a character. Funny, loves life, hates drama, and she likes to have a damn good time. She is hilarious, and likes to party. She is a dear. I went to visit her at work the other day, sucks that you see your friends during a “lunch break” or random run ins – so sad. Busy equals fml. We were taking her break together, and she reminded me of a fantastic, seriously piss-pants time that we had, along with the other girls. I decided this, I shall share with my fellow viewers. Maybe you had the be there, maybe not, either way – here we go.

We’re going to go all the way back to a time in high school. Ew, that makes us sound old. Can you believe it has been, what, 4 or 5 years since I graduated? Sickening. Anywhooom. It was Halloween and us girls all decided to spend the evening/night at Ambers, have a good time, do some things that aren’t necessary for me to disclose in this blog. It was in highschool, relax. With that said, we are all hanging out, out of our minds, in the living room – on Halloween. All of a sudden, we hear this tapping on the window. We all thought we were just hearing things and working outselves up. Then we hear,
Being in the state that we were, we all freak out and do something completely irrational. Let me break it down for you. In, what felt like a lifetime, 5 minutes… the following occurred…
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  • I jumped off the couch, and tried to fit under it – which was a space of about 2 inches
  • Amber dropped on the floor and peed her pants (just a little)
  • The rest of the girls were screaming and squirming on the couch
  • Jess was laying on the couch, laughing because she knew what was going on


Then we realized it was Amber’s super creepy neighbour playing a joke on us girls. All we see is Amber running to the bathroom screaming, “Guys, I think I peed a little!!” Ambers mom then came home shortly after, and the screen door apparently didn’t have a screen on it as I walked right through it. I turn around to look at the door with a, “Wooooooaaah”. Ambers moms response,
“trippy, eh?”
At this point, we decided to continue the party else where, which consisted of a parking lot, as we were under age. I started fureaking out, having a panic attack, running around the parking lot screaming that,
“I need to suck on something to calm me down!”.  
 Now don’t think dirty! I wanted gum, water, sucker – anything. I then made Amber sit in the backseat of our friends car to calm me down.
After the whole ordeal was over with, we went back to Ambers to sleep in her trailor which was in the backyard. Thankfully, we didn’t have to break in this time, but that’s a story for another day.  We are filthy, muddy, and 4 of us are sleeping on the bottom bunk, head to toe, and Sandy is sleeping on the top bunk. Now, sandy has a big “ghetto”  booty, as people like to say.She used to dance, what do you expect? And as 4 of us are laying beside one another with the others mucky-ass feet in our face, we start to unwind from the crazy adventures that happened previously. We were calm, until Sandy couldn’t get her big butt in the top bunk and it took her what felt like 1000000 million tries. This was a sight to be seen, thats all I have to say. So funny, if you know Sandy. With that said, we slept soundly… and amber woke up with my stinky muddy feet on her face. bahahahahah. 

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