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Fossil is More Than Glitz and Glamour

I recently got a jewelry item from one of my favourite fashion designers that now has a little special place in my heart.

Okay, I really don’t know why I started off with such a cheesy sentence but hey – let’s roll with it.

As ladies, we always tend to have mountains of earrings, cases sky high of bracelets, tubes covered in bangles and hooks hanging your severe collection of fabulous necklaces, but have you ever thought about that one piece of jewelry that you would consider to be the epitome of fashion trends currently?

I’m sure we all have a few pieces of jewelry that we almost always grab for when running out of the house, but what about that piece of jewelry that means so much more than the flashy glam that it offers?

What in the world am I talking about, you ask?

Just get to the effin’ point woman, you demand!

The Epitome of Fashion Trends

The best of fashion trends isn’t something you can read about in a fashion blog or purchase at any random store. Instead, it is a piece of jewelry that means something to you – a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value to you.

I personally have a lot of these, but there’s old memories, memories that pretty much turned completely sour, and although I love that $1000 diamond ring, or that journey pendant necklace I got on my 18th birthday, I’ve grown to hate them because of who I received them for, or just simply due to a bad ending.


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However, I was lucky enough to have a new piece of jewelry that I am hoping to never hate.

Well, the other day we were in the fashion designers Fossil jewelry store, and I spotted this charm bracelet that I wanted. I always wanted one and never ever actually purchased one – which is totally weird if you take my shopping addiction into consideration. Well apparently my lovely manizzle was paying attention as he shopped for new watches because two days later, he shows up with an adorable little Fossil bag.

I think I got teary eyed before I even opened it. It was a belated Happy Anniversary gift since we never got to spend it together.

I open it up to find my very first charm bracelet. One for Manizzle, and only Manizzle, to add charms to.

I really like that rule. It makes it mean so much more, you know?

I get to the bottom of the bag and in a little fabric Fossil jewelry case lays a Giraffe pendant. My very first charm for my charm bracelet!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, giraffe’s are my favourite animal… and then it’s a toss up between Orca’s and Lions. Rawr.

Obviously the Fossil charm  bracelet is sexy as all hell, but it is so much better because it has so much more meaning to it.

Therefore, every fashionista must have a piece of jewelry that means more than the glitz and glamour that it brings to your life.


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