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Forever in St Petersburg, Florida

My life has significantly changed since beginning my road trip to Florida, and that’s exactly what I expected and what I wanted. It was the exact same thing when I did my road trip to Florida last year, only I did the whole entire East Coast and was constantly traveling. This year was definitely different because I picked one place to stay, but I did switch vacation rentals due to a completely awful real estate nightmare (Which I’ll share with you shortly). That’s also not to mention that I’ve been here much longer, all in one place, which is St Petersburg, Florida.

So, you’re probably wondering the dirty details of how my road trip to Florida has really changed my life. Well, to start, since I have been in the same place throughout my vacation rentals during my stay, I have met some amazing friends that will definitely be a part of my life forever. They’re lifers, bitch! I love the fact that I can sit out on my back porch, and friends and neighbours just swing on by as they’re walking their dogs, or to come over for a cocktail once they’re home for the day. The other day I was sitting out back and my Florida Mom, Sue came over for a quick visit, which turned into an hour, which turned into my girlfriend Shana stopping by for a minute, which turned into three hours, and during those three hours, several neighbours walked by and ended up staying to chat. It’s just a phenomenal place in St Petersburg, and as I said in my last post, I don’t want to go home because this is now my home.

I haven’t felt this happy in an extremely long time, and although I was going to continue my vacation rentals in St Petersburg. With that said, I have decided to go home to Canada for a couple weeks or months to see the family and spend some summer Canadian cottage time. Then, I’ll be back on my road trip to Florida, but for good. I will be coming back here to start a life with my phenomenal friends.

I am so happy that my journey throughout life is only just beginning and the thought of leaving everything and everyone here was making me sick to my stomach. I am so happy that I have decided to stay forever. Forever in St Petersburg, Florida baby! Less the vacation rentals though. I’ll be making a little bit more of a permanent living situation.

I am beyond happy, and by god damn jolly golly, it feels fabulous!


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  • Melissa Sanderson
    June 23, 2013

    I love reading your blogs and watching your grow in your vlogs!

    I am very happy for you in this next chapter in your life! Enjoy your summer here back in Canada!!

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