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Outdoor Adventures Birthday Travel Blog With My Dad

I’m a tad bummed out because my Daddy left this past weekend. It’s awfully quiet around here not getting up to our outdoor adventures together, and I wish I would have stuck to my plan of kidnapping my Dad by making him miss his flights. Damnit. Too late now, I guess. At least we had a hell of a phenomenal 10 days together and got up to even more shenanigans than I could have imagined.

We visited several stunning beaches and visited some of the Florida tourist attractions around this area that I talk about throughout my travel blog. I’ve been holding off on going to see a lot of the attractions and aquariums in Florida because I knew that my Dad would want to go see some, as will my family that is coming down at the end of May. Instead of going to all the attractions in Florida a ton of times, I’ve held off on my temptation which is quite fascinating for anyone who knows me. I’ve done Orlando, Florida before and you totally need to check out all of the Disney theme parks!

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One of the first places I took my Dad was in fact, Johns Pass which I talk about on my travel blog a lot. I met some amazing friends down there and wanted to show my dad as much of Florida as I possibly could within 10 days. One of the Florida tourist attractions that we went to see in Johns Pass was this Alligator aquarium kind of thing, which actually turned out to be one of my subscriber’s fiancé’s work. Weird phenomenon, eh? I tried to get my dad to hold one. He wasn’t down for that though. He wouldn’t even touch the tortoise! What a baby! I, of course, opted to tickle the tortoise’s toes!

Tickle, Tickle, Tortoise!

aquarium, travel blog, outdoor adventures

The sexy man in some of my videos happens to work in Johns Pass and he took my dad out for a boat ride which was nice. I didn’t go because I already wasn’t feeling well and simply didn’t feel like feeding the sharks with my vomit that day. I know. I’m a classy travel blog.

Meow. Speaking of classy, I caused a nice scene on Johns Pass as my dad and I took a dip in the ocean. Something clung onto my arm. Something. Of course, I started screaming curse words and flailing around like a fish out of water. I thought I was being attacked by a sea creature, but nope. It was just a leaf pedal. Oops?

aquarium, travel blog, outdoor adventures

We eventually headed to see some other Florida tourist attractions outside of Johns Pass. My Dad, Stepmom and I have this odd obsession with Winter, the dolphin from Dolphin’s Tale. I know. We’re pretty awesome adults, aren’t we? Since my mom couldn’t make it to Florida with us, my Dad and I decided to take a day to go see the Winter aquarium and send some splashes back to Canada for her. We went to the Clearwater Aquarium thing which is where Winter is (Video is coming!) and we saw the behind the scenes museum thing of the movie. I wasn’t impressed as you can see in my latest video. Apparently my dad enjoyed it. They were decent Florida tourist attractions and for the price that they were, I’d definitely say that you should go, at least once.

aquarium, travel blog, outdoor adventures

Other than that, we pretty much kept our Florida outdoor adventures to the beaches within an hour radius (Siesta Key is indescribably beautiful!) and Johns Pass. My dad is now back home and me and the babies miss him… But now, the real shenanigans begin! No parentals around! Wheeeeeew!

aquarium, travel blog, outdoor adventures



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