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Fashion, fashion Friday! Fashion, fashion Friday! Fashion, fashion Friday… HEY HEY HEY!

And yes… yes I did just sing that. Be excited, cause it was a pretty good freestyle…. word.

I have two things that I absolutely must tell you about and to be honest, I kind of couldn’t wait for today to get a little fashionista boasting on, naaa meeean.

… Apparently I also thoroughly believe that it is okay to talk like that today.


I have always been that girl who can’t stand florals. I don’t know why but it always reminds me of a grandmother’s bed sheets (ew, awkward) or plastic kitchen table cover thing.  However, for some odd reason, everything floral that I have seen this season makes me think feminine and flirty and I am completely, totally addicted.

It pretty much all started when I got that really bright blue floral shirt from Urban Planet and I was like, “Wow! Wait! What?! I’m in love with something floral!” and then over the course of the last couple days, I noticed myself repinning and completely drooling over everything that has to do with fashion florals.

Plus, they’re super trendy right now!

I can’t wait to get my hands on some amazing floral lace shorts! That’s one specific floral trend that I can’t wait to indulge in and dive in head first. Or feet first, rather.

Now, the second part of today’s Fashion Friday is a story. Yes, it’s story time kids! Totally kidding, but it’s a good one. Stick around… please.

You know that new Jessica Simpson purse I recently bought which incorporates some amazing trends from this season. You know, with the pink, orange and colour blocking? Yup, that one!

Well, I was shopping with my baby cousin yesterday and she runs for this pair of shoes. Being the addicted shopper that I am, I get super excited about whatever it is that she has found out on our hunt. And yes, I call shopping, hunting.

She holds these shoes up to my purse which match AMAZINGLY. The only problem? I am trying to save some money so I can really get some hardcore hunting done while I’m in Florida for the next three weeks!  However, this pair of pumps were super sexy and what are the chances that they match PERFECTLY? I’m talking, the orange was the same tone, the pink was the same tone, the beige was the same tone, the lines and detailing were prime. It was amazing.

Then I looked in the show… and got trumped.


Well, whoever that is… it’s ‘gotta be expensive… after all, it says TRUMP. And they were. A whopping $150 and I would have totally indulged if it were any other time, but I just couldn’t do it.

I’m a little depressed now, so it’ll be an item for me to look for while traveling through half of the United States within the next couple of days. Although, I’m a little unsure about the whole Kitten Heel thing. Not really a fan of that!

On the bright side, this is a new brand that I have so absolutely, totally and completely check out, right?

What do you guys think of the floral fashion trend?

And since today is Friday, that means that a video went live! Check it out! It’s a tutorial and I know you guys love those!!

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  • Emma Winter
    May 8, 2014

    Where are the white lace shorts from in the first picture?

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