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Fitness Big Mac

Marlene (room mate) and I have a very random life. We are spontaneous with absolutely everything we do. If we are doing something, we decided it 5 seconds prior. It’s hilarious. On my lunch break today, Marlene walked in the door and I mentioned going shopping. I recently visited my marvelous grandpa who I adore so much. He gave me a gift card and being me, I couldn’t just sit and wait to spend it. I had to spend it right away!

Shopping For Fitness Equipment

So Marlene and I went shopping and I wanted to get some fitness stuff. I found a million things that I wanted. I’m one of those impulsive buyers. If I see something cool, pointless or on sale, I’m all over that. So, the “As Seen On Tv” section was calling my name. I first saw the Shake Weight – you know, the weight that looks like you’re doing dirty things. Obviously I had to try it. I then purchased a stepper, resistance tube set, ankle weights, ab twister thing and so many more items. One of the best fitness tips I often give is to purchase new stuff, whether it’s a new tank or equipment. You instantly get excited. everest, fitness gear, shake weight, fitness tips, healthy foods, diet plans

Anti Diet Plans Post Fitness Shopping

Then, I had one of those moments where you contradict everything you just did. Like when you go bust some sweat at the gym and then think you deserve to eat awful for the rest of the day – which is an awful regime to follow, not to add. Well, since I spent so much time and money on new fitness stuff, I apparently thought that I deserved a Big Mac. Yes. I wanted the absolutely epitome of the opposite of healthy foods. Apparently shopping for health and fitness stuff makes you crave the fattiest of fat fast foods. Don’t follow these fitness tips. I’m telling you.
fitness tips, healthy foods, diet plans

About an hour later, Marlene tells me she has never in her life, ever, had a big mac! Can you believe that? Not only is that effin weird but she was so excited when I mentioned a big mac. I was like, “Well what the heck! You were so excited to get one and you’ve never even tasted it before?” She goes,

“Well you made it sound so good!”

The best advice, and this is something that you can take away from this healthy living blog, is to not take yourself too seriously. Give yourself a break! There we sat, looking at our fitness and exercise equipment as we stuffed our faces with disgusting foods that should have certainly been healthy foods but we all need to enjoy ourselves – even if that means cheating on your diet plans sometimes. So, have fun! I bought some fitness gear strictly because it was hilarious and phallic shaped (The Shake Weight).

So, relax a little, lady and gents.



2 Responses
  • Katie Lynne
    January 3, 2012

    I have that exact same laptop desk! I love it… Just be careful with it because the lamp is really fragile. I’ve had it for a year and on my 14 hour road trip from Texas to Illinois, the light broke. Normally this wouldn’t be tragic but it was so dark outside and all I wanted to do was read my cosmo… It was a long drive after that.

  • Chantal McCulligh
    January 4, 2012

    HAHAH really? Yeah the light seems a little wonky!!

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