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Favourite Fashion Sites and Apps

The only thing that keeps me alive on Mondays is the fact that I get to play online with my favourite fashion websites and apps as I work away. oh, I mean… in between my work breaks, of course.

I wanted to share with you my favourites because every fashionista must have their go to websites, right? Riiiiighttt!

justfab, hautelook, shopping sites, deals, stylog, facebook app, efashionhqFor facebook, I adore the app Stylog. You can go and add your looks and it’s pretty much a lookbook for facebook. It’s really simple which is why I love it the most. If you type in the code “910043 ” and upload a picture, you’ll get extra style points from me. That’s fun, right?

My absolutely favourite website is eFashionHQ. It’s like lookbook and polyvore combined into one fabulous package with a bow on it. Okay, there’s no bow but you totally get what I mean, right?

My favourite deal site is Hautelook. You guys totally already knew this didn’t you? I have been boasting about my shopping addiction on Hautelook for god knows how long. I actually just purchased 5 pairs of shoes from this site last week and saved $100! I tweeted it! You should check it out because it’s pretty amazing.

Last is my latest addiction is JUSTFAB, thanks to my dearest friend Jordana. Actually, damn you Jo! My credit card is almost maxed again! The shoe quality on this site is amazing and shipping is fast and free and being Canadian, we usually end up paying out of the ass for shipping that takes months so this was so so so so nice! I purchased two pairs from this site last week as well.

I’m interested to know what your favourite fashion sites are. Share in the comment below. xo


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