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FAST Beauty Products For Fast Hair Length

For the ladies who love and desire long luscious hair, you’ve probably heard me talk about the FAST beauty products, and if you haven’t, it’s time for you to tuck your stands behind your ears and listen up. While I’ve already deciphered whether or not FAST beauty products work (which you can read about by clicking that beautiful link up there), it has been a really long time since I’ve given away these items.

FAST beauty products add natural and additional length to your hair with the use of shampoos and conditioners.


Are These Beauty Products Packed with Chemicals?

Right off the bat, you may be wondering if they’re healthy for your hair. We’re always concerned about this… And then we take blazing hot hair irons to our head. It makes no sense, but you will be super stoked to know that adding FAST beauty products into your haircare regime is healthy. You can see that right off the bat as the products contain no sulfates. If you’re new to the beauty blog industry or just haircare in general, some of the most harmful chemicals and ingredients put in hair products are sulfate. So, it’s a huge plus that these are not included within the ingredient list.

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FAST Beauty Products Use Vitamins and Minerals To Encourage Hair Length

As for the FAST beauty products, you may be wondering how the formula works – if you haven’t read that beauty blogs post yet. Basically, your hair needs vital minerals and vitamins in order to grow longer and healthier. The ingredients in the FAST shampoo, conditioner and supplements are packed with those very things, such as; antioxidants, biotin, Vitamin B12, C and D and the list goes on and on. A quick search online will also prove that those vitamins and minerals don’t only maintain healthy nails, skin, hair, teeth, bones and cartilage but also encourages it.


Why Your Hair Doesn’t Currently Grow Longer and Longer

It’s important to understand why your hair doesn’t seem to grow past a certain length because it’ll make the FAST beauty products make much more sense, and may even encourage you to start taking better care of your locks. Basically, your hair gets damaged from natural things such as the cold, the heat, the sun, the pollution, your hat, your hair ties and so on and so forth. Then, as mentioned previously, we often do things to absolutely fry our strands. Needless to say, the majority of us have split ends and dry and brittle hair. The more damaged and dry your hair is, the more likely each strand is to break off. So, instead of growing longer, it just keeps breaking and breaking and breaking; keeping your hair at a similar length.


Because the FAST beauty products are pumping those vital minerals and vitamins back into your locks, there’s less a chance of breakage and your hair grows longer. Now, some people have experienced a couple of inches of extra length, and others have experienced less or even more. It does depend on your hair and beauty regime. I can vouche and say that my hair did grow a couple of inches with the shampoo and conditioner.

Today, I am giving away a lot more than that though.

Beauty Products Giveaway

This is a $74.99 value! 

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The winner will receive the FAST Super Kit which includes:

How to Enter:

1) Head on over to my lifestyle blogs Facebook Page       (

2) “Like” the page.

3) Find the giveaway picture.

4) “Like” the picture and comment!!


Good luck everyone!

FAST beauty products can also be found in all Rexall stores. So, check it out ladies.



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