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Okay, it’s time that I boast about a package that I received in the mail today. I mentioned this company in last week’s post about my favourite fashion apps and websites to shop at… and I fell even more in love with one of them when the adorable little mail lady called me down to the mail room for some packages.

justfab,, amazing deals, heels, 39.99, favourite fashion apps, websites to shop at, jewelry, accessories, clothing, VIP access,Now, I originally wasn’t going to do a fashion post today, but rather a “$%#! Fashion” post. I wanted to talk about the zombie apocalypse that is coming – and yes, I thoroughly believe that zombies are coming! I mean, c’mon! Three stories in one week about humans eating another human.

Doubleyou .Tee.Eff.

However, that post is going to have to wait so zombie’s, please hold on on in regards to coming to Canada and eating me, thanks.

Okay so of course, JUSTFAB IS FABULOUSLY FAB AND FAB FAB FAB! As I told you guys last week, my girlfriend got me hooked on this site. I first asked her, “Well aren’t there a million other sites out there like this?”

She assured me that the shoe collection and quality is incompatible to any other fashion for just $39.95 site. Of course, I was a little skeptical but I trust her judgement and went to sign up. I had the option to sign up for an account or sign up for VIP membership. Signing up for a regular account gives you regular access to make purchases, but signing up for a VIP account gives you specific styles recommended to you from stylists, amazing deals and benefits. You have the option to “skip a month” if you don’t want to purchase anything one particular month. If you forget to “skip a month” your account gets charged – but you get a credit added to your account to get a pair of heels when you see one that you like…. and trust me, finding a pair of heels that you like isn’t hard on this wonderful little fabulous fashion fabulousness.

Oh, and not to mention… there’s huge discounts on clothing, jewelry and accessories. It’s just the one place stop for all your fashion needs. Seriously.

Love love love!

Of course, not being able to try on shoes was intimidating but didn’t stop me from purchasing two pairs on the first day. However, now that I have justfab,, amazing deals, heels, 39.99, favourite fashion apps, websites to shop at, jewelry, accessories, clothing, VIP access,officially received my very first pair of heels from this site, I can promise you that the sizes on the site are “true to size”. I am 7 1/2, but sometimes can fit in a 7 depending on the brand, and sometimes an 8, again, depending on the brand. I ordered 7 1/2 (since this is my size) and the shoe fits like a glove. Actually, it probably fits better than any shoe that I have ever purchased.


They look fabulous in the pictures, but of course, they look even better on my gawgeous feetskies!!!!

Oh lordy. Am I ever in love. I was going to spend this rainy day lounging around my house in track pants and a hoody, but now that I have these shoes, I need to get dolled up and let the world see this walk!


I kind of, sort of, totally can’t wait to receive my second pair and purchase a hundred thousand more. Seriously. I’m going to buy the hell out of this store.

I highly recommend checking out JUSTFAB. Not ‘gonna lie – you’re missing out if you don’t.

Just being honest.


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