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Extra Fabric On Your Bosoms


I recently packed my bags full of my beloved cheap clothes for the cottage and escaped to the country side with my parents, but not before winning some online fashion that I must share with you.

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I recently won some online fashion on my Twitter from the company, Make Me Chic. This is an online store that is popular for having cheapclothes– like the ones you’d find at Forever21 or something similar. It’s the first time that I have ever won anything so totally a big deal! When I saw the prize I won, I of course, immediately fell in love. Its gawg and super flirty, floral and adorable. However, there’s a whole lot more to this Make Me Chic bathing suit once you slip into it. Let me tell you that!

Now, after I put this bad boy on and lived in it for the weekend since it was so effin hot here in the good ol’ north, I could very potentially marry this bikini if I could. Kidding, but what I can say is that anytime I am in need of a new bikini, I’m looking for one with little fabric designs.  Aside from this swimwear being completely stunningly fabulous, it gives a little boast for us ladies lacking in the upstairs department.

Naaa’ Mean.

You definitely should get one of these. They’re adorable!


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