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A Lifestyle Blogs Favourite is Experiencing Torture

To be completely honest with you, this next post has nothing to do with my lifestyle blogs posts. It’s a poem. Now before you quickly click for the exit, you should know that every single person will be able to relate to the words written here. I’ll explain how this poetry came about after you have read it. I can’t ruin the surprise! I wrote this when I was 15.


It was a worthless old building,
With tinted windows, and deep green vines that danced on every inch of the building in the wind.
Walking in the shadows of my destiny was disturbing,
But I knew it had to be done.

I didn’t have a choice.

Every step that I took was like walking down the firing steps to hell,
Accented with spine-chilling creeks and cracks of the old wooden floor that lead me to my unspeakable destination.
My eyes eventually met with the room,
The room that was just for me.
Filled with weapons and machines,
That were there just for me.
While laying myself down on a rusty mechanical chair,
I was preparing myself for the torture I was about to experience.
My intense staring contest with the cracked yellow ceiling was rudely interrupted.
Interrupted by the wicked creatures that were about to put me through my misery.
I laid there stiff as a board,
Listening to my heart beats racing,
Palpitating with every second that passed,
Waiting for what was to come.

With my last big gulp,
It all began.
With every crack, buzz and zap,
My body trembled more.
Staring up at the concentrated, yet serious faces,
Faces of fierce people,
With weapons pointing at me,
Determined to get their job done.
The grinding of the machines up against my body was disturbing,
The twisting,
The grabbing,
The yanking,
The pain,
The smell,

Oh, the smell.
It was all so horrible.
I let out a huge sigh of relief,
When my torturer finally told me,
He was done with my yearly cleaning,
Of my pearly whites.
And with one last glance at my torturer,
I ran for the door,
In fear of what the next year holds for me.

-Chantal McCulligh

What did you think about that? I bet you had no idea you were reading about a dentist experience, now did you? So if you haven’t guessed, the dentist is not a place that I like to go to. When I had to get braces, my entire opinion changed because all of the machines and sounds and smells were awful. My face got burned once from the glue and I even threw up all over the doctor when they were doing a mouth mold. At least it inspired a unique set of words, right?

What is the worst kind of appointment you can think of?


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