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Non Laser Hair Removal Beauty Products For Your Cookie

It’s not every day that I talk about women’s hoohas, but today is all about my favourite non laser hair removal products for down below the belt. I get several questions about epilators and tons of requests for epilating tips when used on the bikini line. So, if this subject is going to offend you, then you and your bush may not enjoy this post. As for the ladies who have what I like to callpube-a-phobia”, this one is for you. It’s all about the best hair removal products and epilating tips for your bikini line.

If you want to watch the beauty products video that I did for these non – laser hair removal products, then check here! Other than that, you aren’t ever going to find hair on this body.

What Are Epilators?

Do not panic! They aren’t as scary as they look or sounds! Essentially, Epilators are hair removal products that tweeze several hairs out from the root all at once. Although it may sound absolutely painful, it really isn’t that bad because you aren’t tweezing each hair out individually. If you have ever waxed before, you will find that Epilators to be significantly less painful. I think threading your eyebrows is more painful than epilating, if that puts it into perspective. In each epilator, there are little metal teeth that grip the hair and rip it out. If you still think that sounds intimidating, especially when using it on your bikini line, the following epilating tips will help.

Epilating Beauty Tips For The Bikini Line

When it comes to using an epilator, you always have to keep your skin pulled tight. Otherwise, your skin can get nicked or the hair removal products will “skip” on your skin which can be rather devastating and uncomfortable. Pulling your skin tight as you use these hair removal products will take care of the risk of cuts. You also want to move the Epilators in small circular motions to ensure that each hair it captured and removed from the root. My Emjoi Light Caress has a light which helps me spot any small, light or hidden hairs. Don’t forget to always keep it as far away from your actual lady-goods as possible. Your skin will let you know when it gets too close. I can’t explain it… You’ll just know. Once you have cleared the area that you wanted hairless, always, always, always use an ingrown hair inhibitor lotion (I use Kalo beauty products) or dab alcohol on a cotton pad on the area that you used the hair removal products, right away. This will close the pores and deter any ingrown lotion from growing which can easily happen when removing the hair from the root. This is the most important epilating beauty tips that you will ever receive. Lastly, to clean epilators, simply use the brush that they give you to swish out the hairs, or get a tooth brush to use specifically with your epilators. You wouldn’t want to get it mixed up for your actual one. Yuk!

Voila! Your lady bits will be looking and feeling smooth and as fabulous as ever, and it’ll take quite some time to grow back which is a bonus… Especially if you suffer from pube-a-phobia like I do.

Non Laser Hair Removal Beauty Products For Different Areas

As you can see from my non laser hair removal video, I have two epilators. One is the Epi-Sli beauty products  which I use on smaller areas, such as my eyebrows. This is also the hair removal products that I got my mom addicted to. For other areas such as my bikini line or armpits, I use the Emijoi Light Caress non laser hair removal. It is larger and has more teeth which covers more area faster, ultimately allowing it to be less painful. These are the only 2 epilators that I have ever used because I haven’t found a reason to try any others.

I swear by these hair removal products because they are affordable and less painful than waxing, yet more effective than shaving. Plus, the look of your bikini line is absolutely gorgeous afterwards. Yes. I said it. Your vagina will look great.

Comment below if you have any epilating beauty tips or non hair removal products that you’d like to share!



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