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Dreams Come True Unbeknownst To You

Sometimes your dreams come true without you even noticing. I never planned on pursuing a career as a writer, or so I thought, until recently when I had a realization that prompted my memory.

For those of you who don’t know, aside from my Luxe Style of Living that I promote via my lifestyle blogs and Youtube, I also write full time as a freelance writer.

I am a writer.

I never forgot  that I enjoyed writing, but I definitely forgot about the potential of having my passion form my career path. Throughout high school, I always took advanced writing classes but my main focus was on psychology and working with developmentally challenged children. My plan was to be a doctor, counselor, special education teacher or something similar to the field. Helping people was my motivation, and that’s what I was going to do through the career choices that I picked out.

I didn’t actually ever believe or think to pursue a career as a writer.inspiration words, canadian blogger, inspirational quotes, motivation, lifestyle blogs

I was lucky enough to have my passion simply turn into a career. While it has taken a long time for myself to get to where I am today, I was extremely fortunate to have my true aspirations truly turn into my life – all without myself really realizing exactly what was happening.

The entire concept that sometimes your dreams come true unbeknownst to you was found when I came across the following short autobiography that I had written when I was 17, that went along with a chapbook that I wrote.

Chantal McCulligh is a 17 year-old student. She enjoys writing about honest situations, and accepts and appreciates the challenges of writing truthfully – with the high potential of being judged. After experiencing some trying and unfortunate circumstances, Chantal immediately turned to writing at a very young age, as a way to release her emotions. She refers to this as, ‘Her Escape’. She also says that her reasons for adding so much truth and personality behind her writing is because, “it adds more depth, and makes it relatable.” While she plans on obtaining a career that helps her change the world for the better while helping those in need, she plans to further and continue her passion for writing but only as a hobby. 


Little did I know, at the time, how unbelievably true this little autobiography is – or would ever be – or that I would ‘change the world for the better while helping those in need’ by taking my ‘passion for writing’ and turning it into a career.  It’s funny how the world works sometimes.

I wanted to share this story because I essentially discontinued one dream, which lead me to another, and all the while, I had no idea that this was happening.

So, next time something seems to throw you off of your path, or doesn’t go the way that you planned or worked so hard for, don’t get down on yourself and always have motivation. Believe that everything happens for a reason – because it does. Your dream may not have come true, because maybe there’s the possibility of a bigger dream happening in the future. You just never know. All you can do is keep your chin high and keep truckin’…. And shopping!

It’s true what inspirational quotes – When one door closes, many more open.

Although I chose to close the door that lead to the path of working in the psychology field, doing so brought so many more incredible opportunities that I quite possibly may not have ever experienced otherwise. Little did I know that my lifestyle blogs would be helping people, and all of my dreams have collaborated into one.

There is always some positive that can be found in ‘change’. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but eventually, you’ll see all the good that comes from the bad. The only secret is that you have to stick through life with a smile on your face to eventually see it.

Have you experienced one thing ending only to bring you to something better in the future? Share your story in the comments below.


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