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Does FAST Really Work?

FAST Shampoo is a revolutionary product that is certainly changing the way people are adding length to their locks, and ever since my video way back when, I have had so many people ask, “Does FAST really work?” Prior to the release of FAST, you truly only had the option of rocking fake hair to get a few inches added on, and let’s get serious here…. Is fake every a good word when it comes to your look and beauty? Let me answer that for you, N-O-P-E. Never! Plus, having the option of having your actual hair longer is obviously one that you would prefer. Extensions and wigs are great, but why not go natural when you can? And guess what! You can!  Now, a lot of reviews out there discuss the fabulous and amazing benefits of using FAST Shampoo and Conditioner, but it had me thinking… What about the things you may not like about the product. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll totally love FAST Shampoo and Conditioner but everyone knows that with some good, you’re likely to find some things that you wish were different, or that you just don’t like. So today, I decided to provide the readers of Nisim something that you can certainly appreciate. You’re getting the pros and the cons of FAST Shampoo and Conditioner. There’s no need for you to go around reading tons of different articles, just to get a real feel for the product because it’s all here for you. We’re really making your life amazing, aren’t we? First longer, healthy hair styles, and now a one place stop to get the nitty gritty on the products you love? Lucky you!

PRO: Longer hair styles,  faster… Obviously. The shampoo and conditioner aren’t called FAST for no reason. With the blast of vitamins and nutrients that are provided within this shampoo and conditioner combo, your hair styles grows faster than it naturally would with other products. Now, this is imperative to know in order for you to understand how your hair grows longer. Often times, your hair reaches a point where it simply is too damaged at the ends, which leaves it continuously breaking off at the same length, ultimately not allowing your hair to grow past that point. Hey! You can’t blame your strands, right? It’s said that if your hair styles are shoulder length, your ends have been on your head for 4 years. How crazy is that? So, with the blast of health to your hair, it deters your hair from breaking off at that same point that it’s done previously. It’s like steroids for your hair!

CON: Must follow instructions. Now, I wouldn’t really say that this is a awful, horrible con, but it has been mentioned so I figured that I might as well share it with you. Some people like to switch up their shampoo and conditioner in between uses. There’s nothing wrong with this… Aside from the fact that you wouldn’t be reaping the benefits of what those products offer because often times, you have to use them consistently, just like you would with other products. You can’t use an anti-aging moisturizer one week and bronzing moisturizer the next, and expect to fully receive the benefits of both, right? You’ve heard it before, and you’re about to hear it again; Consistency is key. If you truly want to receive the full benefits of FAST Shampoo and Conditioner, you should absolutely use them as they’re instructed, which is every day. Who doesn’t shower every day anyway, right?

PRO: Your hair looks fabulous! As mentioned, with the added nutrients and vitamins put into your hair, your locks are simply shinier, happier, bouncier and you pretty much look like those hair styles models that you see on your television screen. You may find yourself constantly touching your hair, playing with your strands and becoming obsessed with your new volumized look!

CON: The conditioner feels harsh. Surely you have experienced hard water. You know the moment where you’re in the shower and you rub your hands through your hair and it’s just not smooth and silky as it feels after you’ve conditioned. Well, this is something that you will feel… even after using FAST conditioner. It will feel rougher as you’re rinsing your hair. The good thing is that it’s just a feeling. There really is nothing harmful or negative about it, other than it doesn’t feel great as you’re rinsing the conditioner out, but even that is an overstatement. It really won’t affect you at all. You’ll just be in the shower and think, “Hmm. This feels different” and then carry on with your cleansing. It’s honestly nothing.

Now, how awful are those cons? Not at all, right?  I do have one more con that I want to address though. People sometimes mention that they didn’t get the added length that they had hoped for. The key to that sentence is the, “that they had hoped for.” You will get longer hair, faster but it all depends on how your hair styles grows naturally. If your hair typically grows really fast, it will grow even faster when using FAST Shampoo and Conditioner. If your hair grows slowly, it will grow longer, faster, but it’s not going to add Rapunzel inspired locks immediately to your head. Let’s be honest here. That’s just unrealistic.

At the end of the day, your hair will be healthy, and you will enjoy longer hair that has grown faster than if you were to not use FAST Shampoo and Conditioner. Even the cons that are discussed here are not even comparable to the benefits and pros that you’ll absolutely adore from using FAST.


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