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Outdoor Dining Experience at a Hidden Gem Restaurant


I am back in Florida and I decided that I am going to write a post for the snowbirds who may happen to be in St Petersburg, Florida since there is a lot of them. There is one place to eat here that many people unfamiliar with it just drive past, but you need to stop. Once you go, you’ll be in absolute love.

It is an outdoor dining experience that can only be found at the restaurant called Chattaway.

This place is honestly majestic. When I was first in St Petersburg a couple of years ago, I drove past this past one too many times, wondering what it was all about. Then, I went and have been absolutely addicted ever since. The food is absolutely delicious and affordable but it is the atmosphere that will make you fall in love with this place.

Chattaway, snowbirds, travel blog

It dates all the way back to the 1920s!

Outside, you’ll see green antique bathtubs filled with beautiful flowers and around the corner, you’ll see all kinds of lights wrapped around palm trees. Once you walk inside, the experience only gets better.

As you walk in, you can go over a light-lit brown bridge that goes over a pond of koi. The tables are all lit with candles and different colors or lights and there is a stage set up for live music which is definitely a nice accent to the incredible experience.

There is beautiful tents draping some areas, and massive tables for you to share with an entire party of your own or to mingle with others.

Chattaway, snowbirds, travel blog

If you take a walk inside to either dine indoors or pull some cash out at the ATM store (it is a cash only restaurant), you walk into a room that feels like you are in the middle of an English Tea party. British antiques line the walls, a cat (or two) might come by and say hello to you at your feet and there are old newspaper articles on the wall that talk about Chattaway.

The articles date so far back that one of them reads a story that says “a negro”; something that you obviously would never read in a newspaper today.

Chattaway is full of history, delicious food, an incredible atmosphere and an experience that you will never forget.

I most recently went there with my 2 girlfriends after kayaking for the day and I ordered my very first Sangria. After not drinking enough water all day, or eating at all, I definitely had to get my friend to drive my car home as I road “b!tch” in the backseat, but that’s what the Florida lifestyle is all about.

Fun, cocktails and great company and honestly, Chattaway should definitely your next stop because it’s a great outdoors dining experience; for snowbirds and not.



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