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Jewelry For Your Personality Style

I was asked by the fabulous people at Brilliant Earth to participate in their fashion designers Personality Style Challenge. Of course, I was totally enthused because hello, every girl loves some quality jewelry, especially when it involves some blingity bling bling. Essentially, the Personality Style Challenge is all about the perfect diamond jewelry pieces for each unique sense of style. As I was going through it, I noticed that I fall into more than one category and this is probably because I switch my wardrobe and the fashion designers that I adore all the time.

Since it can seem difficult to wear luxurious diamond jewelry with all the different kinds of things and fashion designers that you have in your wardrobe, I decided to make it easier for you. Here are some of my favourite diamond jewelry items I picked out, that coincides with each personality style that I have – And apparently, I have a whole lot of personality!

Jewelry For The Jeans and Tee Style

Listen, us ladies can’t be dressed all prim and proper on the majority of days. I am definitely a denim kind-of-girl, and finding diamond jewelry or any jewelry for that matter can seem difficult for such a casual wardrobe. So I went through Brilliant Earth and picked out diamond earrings that can easily be worn with jeans, as well as an LBD. You can’t wear too much bling when you’re channeling your jeans and tee kind of personality. It’s just contradictory! These earrings are the classic piece fit for everything from the boardroom and the bar, as well as days spent vegging out on the couch!

Diamond Jewelry For Your Floral and Feminine Side

Of course, I also have that burning desire to feel extremely feminine on some occasions. It’s not quite a Kim Kardashian feeling, but more of a Blake Lively fashion designers inspiration.  I found that the perfect piece of jewelry for this personality style was the Amythest necklace, or anything that is similar. Obviously the vibrant hue is super feminine, and the sparkle and shine is on point. However, it’s not too glitz and red carpet ready. That’s for the next personality of mine.

For The Glitz and Glamour Days

Then, we all have our days where we need the high heel stilettos, cocktail dress and super chic clutch. The glitz and glamour look just isn’t complete without diamond jewelry. Go big or go home, right? The diamond earrings that I thought would be an excellent choice are the ones that look like disco balls. Hey – Follow Rihanna’s advice. Shine bright like a diamond, right? Well, how about a bunch of diamonds?

I didn’t choose any rings for my personality style, and I did that on purpose. It wasn’t that I didn’t find the diamond rings absolutely stunning or on point with the fashion trends, but I really only wear diamond rings for a reason. For example, I always have a 4 diamond ringon my one finger, which I received for graduation from my mother. The only other diamond ring I’ve ever worn was a promise ring… Which serves absolutely no purpose anymore. I love diamonds, so I switch my diamond jewelry up through earrings and necklaces, as opposed to rings. I keep my fingers for special pieces.


Comment below and tell me how you use your diamond and luxurious jewelry for every style within your wardrobe?


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