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Delicious Day in Sauble Beach

Today’s travel blog post is about everything delicious out in cottage country because let’s get serious, I sure have a pretty delicious life and well let’s get serious – a girls gotta eat! I really needed a day of all my favourite things so I thoroughly indulged with my bestfriend, Katie. So, we opted for one of the best kind of cheap vacations and headed to cottage country and Sauble Beach, Ontario!

Just Two Blonde Bombshells in a Convertible

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After waking up bright and early, we headed to Sauble beach which is like a second home to me and for many people who reside in the southwestern side on the Ontario map. Ever since I was younger, we’ve always had a cottage there, as well as our family trailers so coming here is always a breath of fresh air. It’s full of mazing and fun people here and today was a reminder of all the good things that come with this wonderful sandy place!

I tanned… and my ass exploded out of my bikini ’cause this white girl has quite a bit of booty packing on her. Seriously. Or maybe I’m just getting fat?… Which would actually explain a few things since I indulged in some tasty treats while at the beach. My excuse? I’m on the best kind of cheap vacations, so I have money to spend, right?

(My bestfriend argued that I’m always “on vacation”).

Unique Food To Try in Cottage Country Land

sauble beach, bestfriend, fried pickles, pountine, delicious, cottage, bikini,  Elk Burger? No thanks… I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Although, it is one of the healthier burger options and an even more popular one on Sauble beach.  Instead, I headed off to the one place that has never moved, changed and that has always beenon Sauble beach since I was younger, the greatest food place ever, Crowded In.


As I looked up at the menu, there are two things that shouted out at me, and anyone that knows me will giggle when they read this because, well… when I like something, I really like something, and I kind of have a severe love affair with vendor fries!

Fries and Pickles, Please!

The word PICKLES is like a drug to me… only if they’re dill pickles though. I don’t indulge in the sweet and sour or whatever the heck those funky other kinds are! Fried Pickles? Never tried them! Let’s give’er! And can I just say, tasty!? How about NOM NOM? It’s like an explosion in your mouth of all sorts of goodness. Katie said, “You said the exact same thing about those cherry tomatoes!” And Yes, yes I did! I think that about half of the way here ,I was chowing down on some cherry tomatoes and declaring my love for them with each and every bite. Mmmmm. Okay, so after the fried pickles, naturally, I went with a given… poutine!

sauble beach, bestfriend, fried pickles, pountine, delicious, cottage, bikini, Now, for my americans out there, a poutine is fries, gravy and cheese… something that you’d probably find in Philli, but for us Canadians, it’s a national treat! After chowing down on these, we decided to head back to the cottage to check up on my baby girl and do a little drinky drank.

And, my friends, the night has just begun! I figured that I might as well get this travel blog post done now because it’s definitely not going to be happening later. However, I’ll leave you with these two adorable images. I found my baby girl Diva taking a nap down by the water, and then caught her curious about my little furry friend.

I love everything about today.



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