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Dear One Directioners, BSB Fans Thank You.

Dear One Directioners,

I completely understand your obsession!  No. I’m not a One Direction fan, but I do know what it’s like to be insanely passionate about a boy band and for me, it’s always been the Backstreet Boys. But before I go into my obsession, I have to give praise to those 1D fans out there because you allow all of us Backstreet Girls to relive the wild, passionate, ridiculous fandom that comes with loving a boy band.


Flashback to my 14-year-old self, and you’d find me sitting in my bedroom with a stack of fan magazines, tunes from the Backstreet Boys’ latest CD blaring from my ghetto blaster, and a roll of tape in hand. A few hours in, and the plain walls would soon be plastered with every photo of the Backstreet Boys you could imagine. I’d be chewing on my $0.05 gum and plastering my BSB temporary tattoos on my body that came with them! When my wall and body were fully decorated with everything BSB, I would start tearing open my BSB sticker packs that you could get from the local corner day. Oh, the 90’s boy band era were the best of days.

I must say though, you OneDirectioners do have it much easier than we did. Today, One Direction is the only boy band around! 

In my day, (bare with me while I grab my reading glasses and pluck grey hair from my head), we were the Boy Band Era! There were tons of groups – Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, 98 Degrees, Five, B2K, B44, O-Town, Hansen, Moffats, and the list goes on. As any boy-band-lover knows, you can only be a true fan of one of them, so you had to pick a boy band to love, and love fully. It’s like a marriage gone wrong.

I will never forget the day I committed to the Backstreet Boys. In a hormone-ragging, weird teen stage that I was in, I ripped up all my N*Sync posters up. Why? Because you can’t be in love with both boy bands, duh! Every boy band girl knows that!

However, the first time I saw One Direction dancing and singing ballads on a beach across my television screen, I officially felt love for another boy band. While I would never trade in Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie and Kevin for another group, I instantly had a respect and appreciate for One Direction and all of their fans. It was because of them that I was able to go right back to the moment when I first saw the loves of my life; The Backstreet Boy’s ‘Quit Playing Games With My Heart.’ (and Brian Littrell dripping wet, I must add).

So to all of the One Directioners out there, thank you. Seeing you guys scream your lungs off for these 5 boys brings me right back to my prime BSB days – and I’m sure plenty of other BSB Girls agree!  The love of boy bands never ends, and you’re just at the beginning of a memory that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, as you get older, you do get a little less psychotic every time they come on the television screen or radio – or so you try to convince yourself anyway.

So live up the boy band craze while you can. When you start to realize that they’re just normal people, you lose that crazy-fan-girl inside of you. So, enjoy being a psycho little teenie bopper, and thank you for bringing me back to my wild Backstreet Boy days.

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You know you’re a true Directioner or 90s era Boy Band Girl when….

  • Your bedroom is lined from wall-to-wall posters
  • You have all of their DVDs (we had our VHS – Hello AJ humping the floor)
  • You know the next song that is about to play on the album just because you’ve listened to it on repeat so many times
  • You can picture their entire concert in your head with every song, and you even know every dance, move and outfit that was worn with each performance
  • You need to get their new album on the very day that it comes out. Anything later is not an option, and downloading their music is a big no-no. You need to support your boys
  • Every word, every beat, every “oooh“, “Yeaah,” and “baby” of every single song is memorized
  • You scream and sit right in front of the television any time they come on
  • You cry at their concerts because you are so overwhelmed with happiness
  • You have shirts, jewelry, books, magazines, lunch boxes, posters, movies… Everything that you can possibly get with the band on it, you have to have it
  • You defend your boy band like it is the end of your life
  • You picked your favourite member based on your hair colour
  • You always know who is singing because you know their voices so well
  • You know every band members birthday – and even celebrate it as if they were there
  • You could write a biography for each member of the band – right now – without any research. You know everything about them that there is to know; siblings, parents, birthplace, schools, favourite colours and teams, songs, artists, everything
  • You perform their songs and highly choreographed dance moves whenever you get the chance Don’t you dare ask me for a Trick on Halloween when I say, “Trick or Treat.” You bet that I will bust out “I want it that way” just like I did back then
  • You and your group of girlfriends cannot, and I mean cannot like the same member!
  • You continuously write fan mail, but never get a response. I guess today it is more tweets and such – but the same idea
  • You follow every single appearance, concert, interview, magazine
  • You record (DVR) all TV appearances for later enjoyment. Of course, you also watch it live

I am still a huge Backstreet Boy fan. I have signed memorabilia that I refuse to even open, and meeting the boys that have been with me throughout my entire life since I was 6 years old (I’m now 27) would be a dream come true. The only difference from now, and One Directioners is that we (The girls from the boy band era) aren’t as delusional anymore. However, Directioners remind us of that incredible feeling of being so in love with a boy band.

So, One Directioners, thank you.  I can only hope that your boys will be with you for the 20 plus years like us BSB Girls have had the honour of having BSB. Being able to relate every single moment of your life back to the one band is beautiful.

So here’s to many years of success for the new boy bands of the century – and the fan girls that follow.

Is there one thing that sticks with you and your boy band obsession that may be totally incriminating and embarrassing to admit? Comment below and share the dirt! Hey! I just gave you an entire post!



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