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Dear high heels, i miss you

I tan like a… snake looking for warmth. Yes, that is the most clever thing that I can come up with at this point for my fashion blog.  I’ve spent (never) way too much time in the sun this past week and my brain has been roasted like a turkey. Wait… do turkeys get roasted?


Comfy and Cheap Clothes Errr Day

I have written several fashion blog posts this summer about how I pack all comfy cheap clothes when I head to the good old land of the northern Canada, and then I always get miserable a few days in because I miss my heels and nice clothes? But then every time I pack again, I don’t think I’ll care about my high heels and clothes once I get here. Well…. the cycle continues. I’ve been wearing flip flops and comfy cheap clothes for way too long again and I am seriously craving my high heels!

Craving Some Spring Shoes Loving

Not only am I craving my sweet little honeys sitting back home on my shoe rack, I’m craving to go shopping. Why does this always happen when I am so far from any kind of civilization? Why, damnit, why!? And I’m the type of person who gets a craving, and needs to satisfy it. Well, nope! That’s not happening…. apparently. Where’s that Ben and Jerry’s pint?


Someone please tell me that I’m not the only person that misses their cute, amazing fashion items when they go away?

I think the reason I don’t pack my heels, knowing that I’m going to crave them, is because realistically, they can’t be worn here. Tell me I’m not alone. Please…. Anyone….?

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After tanning all day, and trying to dry off that stupid blanket from yesterday, I went to the beach with Ash and Baby Aid and I haven’t seen them in a long time so it was definitely needed. We ate a lot of sand…. and I mean… a lot of sand. (Thanks Aid!) and then I had to come back home to work, but to be fair… I have to work all night because I take the day off so I can sunny sun sun suntan sunners.

Until next time, toodles betches!


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