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Dating As a Writer is Tough

Isn’t there a bunch of ‘life quotes’ that talk about not judging a book by it’s covers? Yeah… I thought so too.

Trying to flirt or going on a date as a writer for lifestyle blogs is tough. Actually, dating is tough regardless of what you do, but it is even more so when you have lifestyle blogs. Maybe I am biased, but being one of the many Canadian bloggers who have gone through the regime of people googling your name and lifestyle blogs, I am only speaking from experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about what I do because I obviously love it – or else I wouldn’t write lifestyle blogs. However, there is a whole lot of judgement and googling that gets done that doesn’t always work to the blogger’s benefit.

It all begins right at the get go of dating. You meet someone and start talking. Like myself, Canadian lifestyle blogs probably tend to not thoroughly explain what we do right at the beginning of meeting someone, because we don’t want them to do the following – However, it is almost inevitable. Google is our enemy in a variety of ways.

As soon as someone types in that little search bar, things always change. For the person you are dating, they start to flip through your pages and lifestyle blogs, and although they may think positively about what you do, they get to know a whole lot more about you that you may not have shared so early on in this potential relationship forming.

The worst is when they think that they know you – simply from reading your lifestyle blogs. Although I am extremely real throughout all of my articles, you guys truly only see what I want you to see – what I want to show, and essentially, there is a lot more to me than what my writing may let on.

The dating world gets even more difficult when the friends and family of the person you are dating gets wind of what you do as a Canadian blogger. It is almost always awful when they start googling you prior to ever meeting you. Why, you ask? They instantly think they know everything about you, and with that comes a preconceived notion of who you are.  They have judged you before you even got a chance to show them who you are. It truly is a dilemma. When you go to meet the parents, you know you put on your best face. Oh, well – that idea is totally out the window as a blogger.They already know your nitty gritty! Damnnnnit.

Oh, and let’s not forget to talk about the batshit crazy ex girlfriend’s who seem to spend the majority of their spare time reading your lifestyle blogs and watching your videos. Ugh. Then, they usually continue to cry and contact their ex (Your new boyfriend) to only make their and our relationship difficult.

It doesn’t even end there though. Once you have started a relationship with someone, and have met their friends and family, they usually continue to read your blogs. Awesome, right? It usually is but then you always have those few people who like to make the dating process even worse. Even if you don’t name or put a face to the person you are talking about, the friends and family know who it is that you are talking about. 

So, they tend to make fun of the cute things that you guys do, or say – and always know what is going on in your relationship and often lend their relationship advice which certainly isn’t appreciated.  Those people usually tend to cause a lot of stress and problems in relationships for Canadian bloggers.

Being judged before people have even met you is a truly difficult thing to overcome as a Canadian blogger. It also goes against the most important life quotes. With that said, the people worth dating, and the friends and family that follows with that will understand that writing lifestyle blogs is a job at the end of the day, and that there is a whole lot more substance to you that isn’t always showcased throughout the writing.

… Now to just find those people. Hmph.




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