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Daddy For Smiles

This conversation all happened this morning at 9am, and it involves me and my dad. Through his words, I received excellent life quotes that will hopefully get me through this difficult time of my fur baby’s death. Please see the conversation on this lifestyle blogs post.


Dad: Tills, how are you holding up today?
Me: I’m okay, Daddy. Only cried once so far and actually slept a little last night.
Dad: What do you think Buddy is doing up in heaven right now?
Me: Running in an endless field, or getting his butt scratched and making those funny screeching, groaning sounds.
Dad: I think he’s gone back to his before life. Swinging on vines in the jungle as a monkey.

I begin to laugh through my tears. If only you knew Buddy, would someone find this so true.
Buddy wouldn’t bark.
Buddy wouldn’t growl.
Buddy made this screeching, “eeeh eeeeeh eeeeeh” sound just like a monkey.
Buddy was silly.
Buddy was my monkey.

Family has always been a number one of mine. Friends come and go, but family sticks there forever – even times when you wish they would bug off! My dear father is so special to me. I am definitely “Daddy’s little girl”. If you want to know my dad, think of a big man exactly like me.
But with a huge heart.

Later tonight I started crying while reading some of your messages on here as well as my YOUTUBE. You have all been so amazing, giving me strong, emotional and uplifting messages. I am so thankful to have each and everyone of you in my life. My daddy has always been the one I go to within my family for a convincing, yet honest opinion. I grab my blackberry in one hand, and Diva in the other and lay on the couch and begin to sob. I blackberry message my daddy…

Me: Sobbing fit number two. When will this pain go away, Daddy?
Dad: Soon babygirl, soon.

Those words so small and simple, carried so much courage and strength. This is why I love my dad.

I will end this blog with this message;

Love life and everyone in it, as if it will all end tomorrow.

I would do anything to have Buddy in my arms for just one more second.

This is my Daddy and Buddy at the cottage on Father’s Day. Hammocks are hard to get into as it is, and I could only imagine how hard it was to get Buddy in there with him at the same time.

I remember coming out of the cottage, and seeing my Daddy and Buddy laying in the hammock together. It was the sweetest thing, so I immediately ran inside to grab my camera, giggling to myself at the idea of them in the hammock together. Of course, by the time I came out, Buddy was no longer laying down, but…
A picture really is worth a thousand words.
Even looking at this picture makes my heart tingle and my lips begin to break a smile.

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