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Coach Clutch Band Wagon, Holler.

Wow. Was this weekend ever absolutely, completely and totally fantastic. I mean, it was so fabulous that I have to spread it out amongst several posts this week. Although, please don’t hold me to that because knowing me, I’ll forget everything in a couple da…. umm…. wait, what was I talking about?

See. I told you. You like my jokes.

Don’t kid yourself.

Honestly though, I was due for a damn good weekend. I work so much and of course, I love what I do (Fashion blogger, what what) but I need to live a little. Seriously, is that a wrinkle on my forehead and a grey hair? HA! Who am I kidding? Heck no it isn’t…. I’m just hallucinating from exhaustion.


This weekend was manizzle’s brother’s stag and doe. If you’re sitting there asking what in the world is a Stag and Doe, don’t worry. I’ll fill you in! It’s a party where everyone get’s… liquided (totally not a word), and spends their money and lots of it. Well, in my case, Jon’s money. (kidding…. kind of!)  All the money goes towards the “Bride and Groom to be”‘s wedding. It’s pretty much a Dolla Dolla Bill throwin’ celebration. It’s fabulous.

Well, their Stag and Doe was 80’s fashion designer theme, which if you’re an 80’s baby, this totally means you look hawt as all hell. (Says the girl who was born in ’89 and clearly doesn’t remember anything from the 80’s)… but we’re going to go with it. I won’t get into my fabulous outfit until a later post this week, so come back. Please. Come back.

Or I’ll find blogger, fashion designer, coach clutch, authentic piece, closet, stag and doe, 80s theme, must have monday

Instead, today’s Must Have Monday post is….

Drum roll please….

Everyone must have at least ONE fashion designer in their wardrobe.

Why in the world are you telling us this, Chantal? We’re not made of money… you say.

Don’t worry. I’m broke too… because I shop too much. You can get amazing deals on brand name items when doing online shopping. My fashion blog will share you all the secrets and tips that you need. That –  or you can win them at a freakin’ amazing stag and doe, like I did.

Okay, to be fair – I spent a lot more money on “tickets” to win the Coach clutch then it’s actually worth, but a win is a win in my mind. Believe it or not, but this is my very first Coach clutch! I know – it’s currazy! It seems like everyone and their grandma has Coach clutches, but not me… until Saturday night when my little drunk 80’s ass jumped on that band wagon.

Why You Need a Fashion Designer Piece

I say that everyone must have at least one authentic fashion designer piece in their closet for several reasons, with the main one being, it makes you feel damn good. Honestly, I’m not making that up. You look at that beautiful little authentic baby and want to cry tears of fashionably joy. It’s a pretty fantabulous feeling. I had a lot more other reasons (excuses) for you to go out and buy yourself an authentic piece, but I totally lost my train of thought.

It’s the clutch’s fault!

As usual though, you don’t need more than one reason (excuse) for you to go splurge on a fabulous fashion piece. So I’ll see you at the mall in an hour? Alright! See ya then! 😉



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