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Up Close & Personal with Manatees in Chiefland, Florida

Inarguably, one of my favourite travel spots and moments to date was when I went to the springs in Chiefland, Florida. This place is a true hidden gem, located in the country of good ole’ Florida.

Since you don’t immediately think of the country when you think of the sunshine state, the amazing wonders found off shore are often Florida’s best kept secrets. Manatee Springs is definitely one of them.

Manatee Springs is one of the best secret travel spots

This Florida State Park is one of those travel spots that you simply can’t skip over. It’s the perfect day trip that leaves you full of wonderful memories at the end of the day. Walk the trails, explore the woods, find some tortoises and then jump into the springs to swim with manatees.

Above water, the sights are unreal and then you slip below the surface and it’s like an entirely new world. I’ve never experienced something so magical. Just be sure to keep your eyes out for alligators! Although I didn’t see any, the beware signs was definitely a reminder of what may be lurking in the water, which only adds to all the excitement.

Snorkel, dive, hike, bathe at the various travel spots in Manatee Springs

It’s only fair to mention that there are various spots you can go within Manatee Springs. You can kayak or canoe and explore the surface of the springs, strap up in some dive gear (if you’re certified) and explore the underwater caves and everything that comes with them, hike the trails, snorkel, sunbathe- you name it.

Manatee Springs in Florida isn’t one of those travel spots you go to for 1 thing, or for 1 hour. It’s full of opportunity and is truly a hidden gem located in the sticks.


So, whether you’re driving from Canada to Florida or are looking for some travel spots that are different, visit Manatee Springs. You will not regret it one bit.



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