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Lifestyle Blogs Get Close And Gritty With Calvin James

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! I got the chance to get (extremely) close and personal with the members of Calvin James, Matt, Blake and Coby. It’s one of the benefits of being a writer of lifestyle blogs, and it also helps that I have a good friend, Brandon Frank, who has a production company, Wreckless Crew. He is also the one who produced and directed the music video that I was in. Well, with the upcoming launch of his new website, Brandon Frank is also creating an online show. I won’t get into detail, because you guys are just going to have to wait, but Brandon is the host of the show and I am the cohost so you can only imagine how awesome it’s going to be, right?
 Today I woke up bright and early to drive to London to interview the guys from Calvin James. These guys were hilarious and handled my awkward, curve-ball questions awesomely. Girthy. It was just all a big joke and somehow we ended up talking about wiener. Yup…. wiener. I asked who was the biggest, and immediately put the mic in front of Coby, who is the black man with luscious lips. Oh yeaaaah, I did! I then asked if it’s true what they say about black guys. I guess you’ll have to wait to find out his answer. It was good times though! They gave me a signed copy of their album and I listened to it the whole way home. My favourite song is “1999” and I love love love love love it! I’m pretty sure I know all of the words now. You guys need to get their album because it’s fabaloooosa! I’m seriously so against downloading music for free and I’m probably this way because I have a lot of friends who are musicians and I know how hard they work. So don’t be a skeeze and download stuff for free!

Before I go on any further with this post, can we just get a virtual applause for the guys holding me up for so long? We all started to sweat. It was hot in the studio and to be fair… they were holding me up for about 15 minutes. Coby definitely had the awkward job of holding my arm and upper body up – so I gave him credit as I felt his muscles once they let me down. Hey! If it wasn’t for those muscles I would have been dropped. Blake’s hair made me hot. I couldn’t stop touching it. I hope his girlfriend doesn’t read this and get mad? Then Matt… well he just had dirty things on the brain today.

After the interview with the guys, Brandon and I headed to do more filming in which we have more blooper footage then anything else. Today was not my day – or his either as we kept fumbling, mumbling and tumbling over our own words. Eventually, we managed to spit out our lines and headed to the photo shoot. Since Brandon is the host, and I am the cohost of the show – it only makes sense that we have pictures together, right?
This was one of the out takes, but my absolute favourite. It’s so funny! All the pictures were Brandon as a geeky character, and sexy Chantilliscious. So I grabbed his glasses and we switched characters for a moment. Look at Brandon’s sexy pose and my geek face. We’re pros – no big deal.
 I’ll be sure to get you guys all the blooper footage because it really is hilarious – but full of curse words. “Hi, you’re here with…. shit”
“This is Chantal from… fuck”
“Today we int-int-int-inttervieew”
Very funny – maybe you had to be there – or just wait for me to release the video!
The promo of the show comes out on Monday, so of course you guys are going to get first dibs on viewing it as I will post it on here, facebook and my twitter. And then the full episode gets released on Friday so be excited! Get amped!
I’m very tired and am in Toronto next week filming, but I have about 6 videos to do for you guys that have to be done by this weekend so I promise to get that to you! My fingers are crossed… but I really want to keep this promise to you guys. Unfortunately, there’s not enough hours in one day sometimes.
I also need to still tell you guys all about my weekend away with Jon!!!!!!
I hope you’re all having a delicious week and I shall fill you in with all my shizz sooon!
Oh, do you guys recognize my outfit?

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