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Cheat Days Are Ruining Man Kind and Your Healthy Living

Cheat days are going to be the death of you. Take it from the girl who worked hard to consistently stay on track with healthy eating and working out regularly for a month and lost 10 lbs as a result… Only to have a cheat day mess it all up. I’m back to where I started. Yup, the 10 lbs are back. Here are my fitness tips to deter a polygamous pattern with healthy living.


Cheat Days Discourage Healthy Eating Habits

One cheat day will turn into a weekly thing. You cheat on your fitness this Saturday, and you know you’re going to do it again next Saturday. Consider yourself a perverted, cheating old man. Don’t do it or you’ll end up in fat, fitness or sex addict anonymous. To each their own?

The “C” Word

If you are having a problem being monogamous with healthy eating on a daily basis, give yourself a cheat snack that you can have once a week. One snack, once a week. That’s it. I know the “C” word is tough, but try to commit to this.healthy living, healthy eating, fitness tips

Bad to Binge

Here is a secret; proportions are important. When you do indulge in a little promiscuous cheating with your healthy eating, be moderate. One chocolate bar is a lot different from a chocolate bar, Oreo Blizzard and a bag of chips. Treat, don’t binge.

Find Guilt-Free Desserts

Desserts don’t have to be the opposite of healthy living. I recently took the time to find healthy eating that tastes like I’m being a bad girl. My favourite is a granola mix that has granola (obviously), almonds, walnuts, honey, cinnamon and a small amount of chocolate chip cookies. It curbs that sweet craving instantly, sans the fatness of a chocolate bar.

Long story short – cheat on your spouse, not on your healthy living.

healthy living, healthy eating, fitness tips

I’m totally kidding. Don’t do any of it. Cheating is not the kind of “C” word you want to be dipping into. They will ruin you, I tell you. Every time you go overboard with your cheating ways, you are throwing away all the hard work you did previously. It’s not worth it.




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