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Getting Butterflies of Style Inspiration

You totally need to have some style inspiration and fashion icons to follow throughout your fashionable adventure of life, and with tons of incredible fashion blogs floating around the interweb for you – this is an easy task.


Why do you have to have style inspiration or fashion designers to follow, you ask?

  • Style inspiration gives you inspiration for your own style
  • Fashion designers and fashion online will provide you with even more style inspiration

Thus, you get a wicked wardrobe.

You know that feeling you get when you are flipping through my fashion blog or a style magazine, and a celebrities outfit totally captivates you, or a fashion designers masterpiece takes the center page of your heart – each and every single time? You may have just found one of your fashion icons.

As many of you know from being long-time readers of my  fashion blogs, Jessica Simpson is the epitome of fashion icons for me. I have admired her style inspiration from the beginning of her singing career. So, you could only imagine how stoked I was when she was on Fashion Star and became one of the most incredible fashion designers ever!

Yeah – I died a little.


Words can’t explain the feelings that you get from seeing a stunning ensemble, style inspiration, fashion designers work or fashion icons killing the red carpet. If you understand that this fuzzy warm feeling is, than you definitely already have fashion icons that you follow and I would love to hear who yours are and why. (Comment below, bitch.)


If you have no idea what this gushy, lovey, style, fashon designers inspiration feeling is, it is time that you dive into the world of online fashion icons and finally give yourself that fashionably spark your wardrobe and style-loving heart deserves.

Finding A Fashion Blog and Style Inspirations

This is the easiest task of your life, and it is completely enjoyable because you love fashion to begin with, right? There are a couple of ways that you can go about finding fashion blogs, style inspirations, fashion online and fashion icons. The internet is the best place to start.

Who goes to libraries now a days anyway?

  • Search celebrity fashion online and check out the images
  • Grab your favourite tabloids and go cray cray
  • Discover if your ‘fave celeb’ is your fave because of their personal style or because of their fashion designers


Once you have some kind of idea in regards to your style inspiration, it’s time to have some fun with my favourite thing to do – aside from fashion online shopping…

Put Together Your Own Fashion Online

I have basically made Polyvore my bitch, and you should too. You can put together all kinds of outfits and fashion online to see what items speak to you, what kind of cuts and the type of fashion designers that captivate your style soul and it’ll bring you closer with your actual fashion sense. It’s super addicting too!

As you can see, I chose some of my favourite Jessica Simpson style inspiration and put them together for this fashion blog post. Now I am desperately fighting the temptation to go online shopping.

You know the struggle, eh?



Who is your style inspiration or fashion icons? Share down below.


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