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Canadian Dream Home

Since I’ll be making the move to Florida, I will be choosing more permanent options for housing. I’ve been pondering my idea of a dream home, and I figured that the best way to bring a little bit of Canada to Florida with me is to get my inspiration from homes in Ontario. This way, I’ll have my dream home in my head and know what to do when I arrive back in the sunshine state later this year. I’ve always said that I will never be okay with a mediocre life, and I’m certainly not saying that my dream home from Canada is realistic for my budget, but it’s certainly realistic for my dreams. After all, it’s a dream home. It can be whatever I want it to be, right?


The exterior of this Ontario home is what immediately captured my heart, and it has made me completely certain that I would like a brick home. Other than that though, the balcony above the garage is totally to die for. Can you imagine having that overlooking the ocean? Ooh, the possibilities. The landscape is absolutely phenomenal and I truly believe the beauty of a home isn’t just about the inside. It begins on the outside and I will always judge a book on it’s cover when it comes to my dream home.


comfree-dream-home-toronto-2 (1)

toronto real estate

The interior definitely delivers. I always say, if the outside looks astonishing, you know the inside is going to look fab. If the previous owners of a home took time to make their lawn and home looks so stunning from the outside, you know they spent even more time inside.


canadian blogger, canada house, dreamhome

canadian blogger, canada house, dreamhome

Of course, the size is totally on point. Remember, I never want to live a mediocre life. I would certainly add in massive saltwater pool, but other than that, this is pretty close to my dream home. I would change the shape a bit as well because I don’t like the rectangular shape, and these are all things that I will be keeping in mind when bringing my Ontario inspiration to my Florida house hunt.

Image source: Comfree 


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