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Business Practices that’ll Land you on the Naughty List

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The holiday shopping season is just beginning and I already had some horrendous experiences. What’s the most shocking about that is, the awful experiences had nothing to do with the other shoppers. It was the retailers! And no, I’m not complaining about low stock, poor prices or something reasonable. Just read this fashion blog and find out.

As a Canadian business owner and just as much of a diehard consumer, I’d like to think that I’m somewhat of a customer service, retail expert. It’s what I tell myself anyway. So if you’re running a retail store this holiday season, here are the 3 business practices you shouldn’t do that, believe it or not, are happening.

The holiday season just began and people are already actin’ a’ foo.


Impatient Employees

To be fair, I think everyone gets a little impatient when the holiday season comes. The stores are crammed, people are pushy and it’s like a zombie apocalypse is about to occur and everyone needs a Hatchimal to survive. (And no, I don’t get the Hatchimal trend. Aren’t they just a Furby that hatches? Now the Furby trend, that’s something this ole’ girl can relate to).

Alright, back to the story, Mrs. fashion blogger and business expert!

It’s important to reiterate to your employees that they can’t lose their cool, even when it seems completely, totally and entirely appropriate to do so. Here’s an example.

As I was checking out of Canadian Tire today, I was apparently in the way of a staff member, so he told me to, “MOVE!” True story.  I didn’t hear him but when I looked up he said, “Get over there!” Oh, it gets better. Then he walks by, turns around and with his arms up and his chest puffed he says, “Do you got a problem?” First of all, that’s bad grammar. Secondly, yes sir, I do have a problem, you are rude for no reason and Santa isn’t going to be pleased when I report back to the north pole.

Jokes aside, this actually happened today. The employee lost it on me, despite being unprovoked. Maybe he was a little annoyed with the crazy busy atmosphere, but the holiday season is only beginning. So, provide your staff with stress management tips or something because that kind of attitude is never going to make sales, and the problem is only going to get worse as the season continues.


Be Approachable

I couldn’t believe how many store owners and staff members were unapproachable. When someone walks into your store or even past the front door, make eye contact and say hello. If your face is staring at your phone or your nose is in a book, you’re basically telling customers that you could care less about your business. Chances are, your sales also reflect this.

canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion blogs, fashion blogger, business tips, Canadian business, holiday season

Poor Attitude

Here’s another thing that happened today that just had to make it on today’s fashion blog. While I was shopping at a local vendor, I stumbled across handmade dream catchers . They’re super boho chic and I’ve been obsessed with them recently, but the ones I found were stupidly small. Now, here’s where the problem begins, and I kid you not, this is the conversation I had with the store owner.

Me: Do you have any other sizes?

Store owner: Nope! I don’t make smaller sizes.

Me: Do you have any larger ones?

Store owner: Nope! I don’t make larger ones!

Me: **heading for the exit**


A poor attitude literally sends consumers for the door, even if you have products they want to buy. Why, you ask? It’s simple. No one wants to give their hard earned money to someone who “doesn’t deserve it”. If you want consumers’ money this holiday season (and of course you do – you’re a retailer),  be kind! Engage with your customers, truly listen to them and build that rapport. They’ll want to give you their money.


At the end of the day, customer service is everything. A bad experience in your store and you’ve just lost a sale. Don’t believe me? Here are 75 Customer Service Statistics that will absolutely shock you, and more importantly, make you rethink how you handle customers.


However, I’m pretty sure as long as you don’t do any of these things, you’ll be okay. Cheers to surviving and succeeding this holiday season!

What’s the worse customer experience you’ve had,  either as a consumer or as a staff member?



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