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Breaking News About Leather

Every fashion blog writer knows that with the purchase of any leather product, you don’t have to be told about the importance of proper leather care. After all, you’re dealing with a high quality material and you probably paid a pretty penny for it as well. Needless to say, you aren’t dealing with $0.5 plastic that can instantly be replaced at an affordable price. So, you need to know how to take care of your incredible leather items to promote durability and longevity. You’ll hear about this on all of the best fashion blogs and it is quickly being one of the top topics within fashion blog news. Regardless of the leather fashion, whether within your wardrobe, interior, on your bicycle or  travel leather,  you need to get your hands on the essential products that are vital to keeping your leather care up to par to ensure that you get the most out it.

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Leather Care for Things Around Your Booty

For leather products that are bound to experience a lot of friction, such as your bicycle seat, leather belt, or panties (That’s a little kinky), you want to have an excellent leather care product that is specific to your scenario. Since, for example, your leather bike seat is going to be exposed to sunlight while also being rubbed against frequently with your booty, you need a product that has been crafted specifically to protect your leather from all of the outdoor elements that it will be subjected to and consistent friction. There is a Walnut brand of leather care is a prime example as it has been formulated with unique elements formulated for the unique requirements to be appropriate for vegetable-tanned leather and all outdoor uses.

fashion blogger, best fashion blogs, fashion news

Best Fashion Blogs Know That The Small Things Count

fashion blogger, best fashion blogs, fashion news

Smaller items and even ‘hidden’ items like your fashion blog business card holder or a holder for your fashionable earbuds aren’t going to need as much TLC as the prior because the majority of times, it will be kept in a secure place away from the sunlight, people and other things that can cause wear and tear on leather. As a result, you may only have to repair a stitch here and there over the years. Make sure that you have a simple stitch kit that is specific for leather crafting to ensure that no loose thread will determine your fashion sense. You will be surprised with how many other uses you will find your for stitch kit.

Double Sided Tape is The Topic of Fashion News


This tip is so obvious, and you will be amazed that you haven’t thought of it previously. Double-sided tape is perfect for all fixes and it also the secret in fashion news. Ever wonder how those celebrities keep their super-low rise jeans up or boobies in place? Well, now you know. However, double sided tape can be tacky when placed on some items. Hello to the cars driving down the street with duct tape holding on their auto body. Gross. Instead, have a strong double sided tape handy that won’t damage your item that is in need of some fixing. You may want to use the tape to reinstall new gadgets to your bike handle bars, or the handles on your new handbag, or you might want to tape your curves inside of that loose shirt you’re wearing out to the bar. Since leather is such a high quality product, you don’t want to use just any old  fixer-upper from the corner store.

fashion blogger, best fashion blogs, fashion news

Luckily, leather products don’t come with a long list of chores to ensure proper leather care, but a little TLC can go a long way when dealing with this dexterous and prestigious fabric. Whether you’re caring for items that you use consistently to promote longevity, thinking ahead for quick fixes or doing some do-it-yourself projects, you know exactly how to do it to ensure that your leather care is top notch. This fashion blog writer has got you covered!


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