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Boot Bonanza!

I’m back up north in the wonderful world of nothing. Yes, kids. I said it! Nothing. But to be fair, there is something

Fashion blog, cheap clothes, , ankle booties, flat boots, high heel boots, knee high boots, winter, fall, justfababout the air and cozy  (horrendous) cottage furniture that makes coming up here such a peacefully amazing time. I can happily say that I took full advantage of this summer. Home is hard to be at right now and I find myself wanting to do nothing but sleep, and go to my grandpa’s grave. When I come here, I’m just not faced with constant reminders.

Fashion Blog Is Lacking Style

However, since I’ve been at the cottage so much this past summer, I’m getting stumped on things to write for my fashion blog because, as I’ve said more than hundreds of thousands of times, I am far from a fashionable person at the cottage. I was sitting on my bed back home last night, getting ready to write a fashion blog and I turned to my roommate and said,

“I have nothing to blog about because I’ve been a pile all summer!”

It’s so true. I just wear cheap clothes that are so far from stylish when I’m up in cottage country – and that’s all I’ve done this entire summer. I do have some fun news though. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a boot obsession and beyond what I believe to be popular belief, I am not sponsored in any way, shape or form by JustFab. I simply love the selection, prices and quality of their items. So if you’re guessing that I went on yet another shoe frenzy shopping spree, you are very correct.

It’s The Deals! They Get Me Every Time!

I purchased 6 new pairs of boots and although I racked up a bill of $200, I figured that that’s the exact same amount that I would pay for one or two pairs of boots in a retail store. So with a few clicks, I was happy to pay $200 for 6 pairs that would thoroughly satisfy my boot obsession for the Fall and Winter season.

As you can see, I purchased all sorts of different styles. I purchased knee high boots, flat boots, ankle booties, casual boots and versatile boots. I also made sure to purchase them in colours that weren’t all the same. Taupe, tan, grey, creme, and of course, every year you need a great pair of black boots.

Boots, Booties, Bootness, Bootinani. I have a boot obsession. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a great selection of boots and boots in your wardrobe. I’m telling you. These things can turn a look completely around!

Plus, for the ladies that find it damn near impossible to wear high heels… boot high heels are much easier as you have a lot more ankle support! How’s that for a little trick of the trade?


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