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Bieber Is In Da Hizzzouseee.


Now today is Wednesday and I know you all must be itching to find out What’s For My Wednesday, right? Well the first thing I can tell you is BIEBER beauty products!  have been so back into Justin Beiber zone, and I can’t wait for his new album to be released. Ooooh the things I would do to that boy. Wait. What? Uncalled for? Don’t lie… you would too. What a Canadian beauty, he is! Since I have been blasting Bieber jams all week, it only makes sense that I would have Bieber OPI nail polish on, right?

My Lifesaver Bieber Beauty Products

This OPI nail polish is called “My lifesaver” and it’s definitely my lifesaver. Since I am pretty tanned, I love the way it looks on my nails. The contrast is fabulous and I simply adore this which is totally rare because I usually can’t stand mint-looking-tasting anything.

Bieber lover or hater, his nail polish is bomb and an absolutely must try.

Other than that, I have been basking in the sun and getting ready for Florida! How exciting! Usually we’re having snow storms here but it’s been summer weather. I’ve been wearing shorts all week!

Although I’m really enjoying this weather for What’s For My Wednesday, I’m getting pretty concerned about ‘them polar bears!

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