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Beware of UpKeepYoga

With a quick search online for UpKeepYoga reviews, you’ll see I’m not the only one who experienced serious problems with these “yoga enthusiasts”. My belief? Someone decided to open some random shop online, list items for sale, and when orders come in, they order them for a couple bucks from China and get them shipped directly to you.


I asked for the Elephant tapestry for my birthday and my darling mother got it for me. We didn’t even think to do some research for UpKeepYoga reviews prior to purchasing (#amateurbloggerfail). After all, the website was on the first page of Google results, so I figured it would be good. (#amateurmarketerfail)

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My UpKeepYoga Reviews

While I can only speak on the purchase I made, it seems that many other people have had poor experiences with Upkeep Yoga.

For starters, my Elephant Tapestry was directly shipped from China. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, as many companies buy products from overseas. However, it does mean the company doesn’t even have their items in stock. They likely spend a mere couple dollars for their products and then purchase them with the customer’s shipping address when an order comes in.

Why is this a problem? They can’t ensure quality product if they never see the product.

To put it into perspective, you can purchase the exact same elephant tapestry for $6 online on other stores. 

Secondly, my Elephant tapestry arrived and it only has one side. The website never says the tapestry isn’t a real tapestry nor do they ever show you the back, so for the price charged, you’d expect both sides to be printed. (This furthers my theory they pay a couple dollars for the product).

The Elephant tapestry is similar to a cheap tablecloth. It has print on the front with the white polyester back – very cheap! Actually, after further inspection of the material, it’s like an umbrella! Some tapestry to snuggle up in, eh?

Thirdly, all the the UpKeepYoga reviews on products page seem to be fake. There is no way people are blown away by the quality of this thing. It isn’t worth a mere $5 let alone $30-$60.  All reviews also have to be approved by the company before going live, so clearly they only approve the good ones. I assume the only positive reviews are from people who aren’t familiar with what they purchased or online shopping in general.


canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion trends, fashion blogger, online fashion, UpKeepYoga reviews, scam

Other People’s UpKeep Yoga Reviews

If you start to type in “UpKeepYoga” into Facebook, “UpKeepYoga is a fraud,” and “UpKeepYoga is a fake” pop up. I wish I saw this before giving my mom the go-ahead of purchase from them. When these types of keywords show up in a search, they’re commonly used or it’s a page dedicated to the scam. I’m not sure which one is better – both are equally just as bad.  So, I am not the only one incredibly disappointed with this “yoga boutique”.

Katharine Krimes writes about her experience, “I made a purchase from Upkeepyoga and it was NOTHING like the product pictured in the post. This company is completely BS! When I contacted them about this, they ran me around in circles telling me that it was the item I purchased (which it wasn’t) and refused to to anything about the product misrepresentation. In fact, I followed up and you never got back to me! BEWARE consumers and do not purchase from this company as they are a fraud (there is even a FB page about Upkeepyogabeing a fraud). Be vigilant and do your homework before buying from this company!

Sandra Snow writes, “This site is a scam. Products are pure rubbish, sent straight out from China. Don’t get ripped off like I did! And next time I will check this site.”

Several other people make an order and never receive the items. All of the customer UpKeepYoga reviews show that this website is a scam.

Leave Your UpkeepYoga Reviews by Marking it as a Scam

It’s important these sites get shut down and don’t receive another penny again. I recommend everyone goes and marks their Facebook as a scam and this is how you can do just that:

canadian blog, fashion blog, fashion trends, fashion blogger, online fashion, UpKeepYoga reviews, scam

To be fair, I’m not sure if scam is the right word to use in my situation. I did receive the item I ordered. However, their business practices are insanely unethical and quite obvious they’re ripping their customers off with both service and quality. Don’t spend your money on this website. You can get a real tapestry or Yoga Mandala for the same price. What a joke.

2 Responses
  • Julian Radzik
    September 5, 2017

    I ordered a “moonlamp” from them 1-08-17 Am still waiting. After reading this I might as well write the money off!

    • Chantal McCulligh
      September 5, 2017

      Yeah I’d definitely contact them and ask for a refund immediately. There are all kind of scam reports about them on Facebook too.

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