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5 Second Goddess Hair Styles Beauty Tips

This hair styles all about style for the ladies who love their snooze button just as much as this beauty blog does. It’s all about sleepless nights, groggy mornings and running out of the house, slipping each one of your feet into a stiletto as you’re running to catch a cab. Story of my life – what about yours?

This is one of those hair tutorials that gets your hair off of your face without sacrificing your style and beauty. I posted it on my Facebook and you guys went nutso for it, despite how simple it is! In fact, this is one of those hair tutorials that uses next to no beauty products.

Read through this hair styles tutorials steps and know that you will now always be sex little sassy sexy kitten, no matter how late you’re running.

You called it: ‘Goddess-like’ and ‘Princess-esque

I called it: ‘Hair thrown up’ and ‘Get off my damn face, yo’

Hair Styles Tutorial Steps

Simple. So so simple.

  1. Scrunch your hair like a banshee ( I don’t even know what a banshee is)
  2. Once dry, pull a section from the front of your hair, and a section from the back crown of your head
  3. Lightly combine those two pieces to avoid a ‘part’ being made at the back of your head. ( Tacky galore!)
  4. Now separate it into 3 pieces and lightly braid the hair together, allowing it to naturally fall behind your ear ( Don’t pull it too forward)
  5. Use a tiny elastic or better yet, tease the bottom of your braid and enjoy the trailing-off-braid appearance.
  6. Repeat on other side
  7. Hairspray like a bitch out of hell

Voila, you little goddess, you.

Beauty Tips for These Hair Styles

  • Always use scrunching beauty products and clip your hair up into random piles of hair to encourage a stronger ‘scrunch’
  • Pick your part prior to scrunching because doing it afterwards could leave you with ‘floofies’ in your bangs
  • Know your hair – If it curls more when air dried, do that. If it curls better when blow dried, do that
  • Only begin the other steps once your hair has dried completely
  • Experience with hair spray beauty products, find one that works best with your hair and always avoid beauty products that leave your hair crinkly and chunky

While I often write to the theme of ‘beauty blog’ specific to North America, this is definitely the kind of hair styles that can be enjoy around the globe. It is a natural, flowy, beach kind of style that is effortless yet flawless. Plus, it’s perfect for those days when you haven’t run out and topped up on your beauty products and have to work with what you have!

I am kind of loving the idea of throwing in colourful hair extensions into this look to accentuate the hipster kind of appeal. What do you think?

Colorful tape in hair extensions up to 20% off +FS

What kind of girl are you? One who sets their alarm 2 hours early just to get the perfect look, or a lazy, slow bed crawler-outter like moi? Comment below! I’d love to hear.



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