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The Best of 2013 in Florida – Part 2

If you haven’t read PART ONE… You need to stop right there, and click here!


There is this joke that you know you’re Canadian when you see a storm and run to the windows while people around the world take cover. It’s true, and I experienced some of the most wild storms when I was in St Petersburg Fl. One of them being a tropical storm. I had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ and some drinks (As per usual), and I made a joke that I saw funnel clouds. I was totally making it up for a reaction, but as we looked in the sky, our little gated community in St Petersburg FL was surrounded by 4 funnel clouds, and the kind of weather that had you wishing that you were wearing adult diapers. It was wild and awesome, and I had to literally be dragged inside because I didn’t want to miss a moment… Of course, my video caught some of it. The next day, everything was flooded and while people moaned and groaned about the weather, I walked down the streets filled with ocean water, experiencing something so new to me.

motivation, life quotes, florida flood


motivation, life quotes,

Best of 2013 totally includes the marine life that I had the chance to experience up close and personal. Sea turtles swimming under my toes as I sat on my dock, dolphins giving me a splash show in the wild, manatees, sting rays, pelicans, star fish, horseshoe crabs, jelly fish, upside down gased groupers, fish with horse teeth, sand dollars and tons of things that I would have never expected to see in my lifetime. There is something about the ocean that fascinates me. The life, the salt, the sand, the creatures… It’s just so different from my Canadian life. Seeing marine life occur in front of your eyes truly makes you thankful for each moment that you have on earth. It’s a beautiful place, and so many people don’t take the time to stop and see it. I’m thankful that I did, and it gave me the best of 2013 moments. That’s a set of life quotes that you can live by!

motivation, life quotes,


motivation, life quotes,

My new hobby of the year of 2013 was totally kayaking. It’s like I was born in the damn thing. You just can’t get me out! I don’t know how many times I had plans to go for dinner, and my friends would be in my house wondering where the hell I am, and they would peek out the back door to see me piddling around on my kayak… Making all of us late for our plans simply because “I saw a dolphin!”, or “There was garbage in the water that I had to get out!” When night fell, that didn’t stop me. I shoved a flashlight in my anklet and went out for a nighttime adventure. Little did I know that I could have been arrested for this. Oops? I don’t know how I ever lived without a kayak and the ocean before. The motivation that it gives me to live a happier life is indescribable. Ever since returning from St Petersburg Fl, I dream about my kayak at least one a week. I know… It’s a little weird. Me and that kayak had a connection.

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Oh, the yacht club. I intend to write a book inspired by the yacht club. There’s always something going on, some kind of drama, shenanigans, or funny stories being told at the yacht club. It was my home base, the tables were my dance floor and the alcoholic beverages were my water. I have met so many incredible people at the yacht club, and had even better conversations… Most of them in which I don’t remember. And sometimes, there is nothing wrong with life quotes that you don’t remember. Some people snickered at my happiness and craziness which only made me more thankful to be the happy-go-lucky girl that I am. Plus, it inspired me to create a device to help people get their panties out of a wad. With that said, I’ve heard that I truly enjoy the yacht club… Not that I remember many of my nights there though.

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Oh, damn you. I can’t believe this situation is making it onto the best of 2013 list. Remember the story of me coming back from my road trip to Florida, where I literally had a poopy-pants experience at the border? Yeah… How could you forget, right? This was one of those moments that I hope to never experience again. I don’t do drugs. I don’t like guns (I’m Canadian), and I am not smuggling Mexicans.


motivation, life quotes,

More importantly, my best of 2013 moments and road trip to Florida allowed me to discover exactly where my heart is. I call Florida my happy place. I fell in love with it when I first stepped foot in the sand on Jackson Beach Florida in April of 2012. I made a promise to be back in a year, and to the date, I followed through with that promise. Aside from the location of my heart, I had experienced some truly crazy and odd heart struggles throughout 2013, some in which I met men who brought the best out of me, and some who brought the worst out of me… And some who I never wish to see again. You know who you are. 😉


Lastly, the best of 2013 is totally about finding out exactly who I am, what I want, and where I’m going. Well, I have no idea where I’m going… And that’s the best thing to discover. I know that I am open to adventures, locations, travel and experiences. That is enough for me. As for who I am, I have always had a strong hold on that. My road trip to Florida and St Petersburg Fl specifically only made me find myself even more. As a result, I know exactly what I want and will never settle for less. Hence why I have strived so hard to make the official move to the sunshine state. I know who I want in my life, and learned what kind of relationships are toxic. I discovered new loves, passions and hobbies and can’t be more thankful for the worst and best of 2013. Each moment has brought me to where I am right here, right now. Thank you for joining me on the ride.

motivation, life quotes,

 Cheers to the new year, new adventures, new loves, and more drama. 

I want to hear the best of 2013 moments of your life, and what happened in my life that think should have made it on my list. Comment below!

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