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The Best of 2013 Travels – Part 1

 I signed onto my Facebook today to discover that it had created a list of the best of 2013 moments that I had. They definitely nailed a lot of them on the head, but I decided to elaborate. Can you guess what were the best of 2013 for me this past year? Certainly, a lot of them pertain to my road trip to Florida and St Petersburg, but there is much more than just that. Here is, in order, the best moments of 2013 in the life of this crazy Canadian girl and lifestyle blogger.


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Hands down, the most incredible moment of 2013, and my entire life has been the birth of my beautiful baby Nugget.  January 18th, 2013 was when the most precious miracle came into my life. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my nephew as if he came out of my own womb, and each day, I strive to spend as much time with him as possible to give him the abundance of love that I have to offer. Even while in St Petersburg Fl, I had weekly video chat dates with my little baby Peanut. His smile makes life perfect, and I can’t wait to have my own little peanuts one day.

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motivation, life quotes,

Just before April, I headed off to Michigan to experience being away on a trip all by myself for the very first time. Little did I know that it would spark a trend. I visited with friends at TvStoreOnline and had such an incredibly odd and unique time as an Oompa Loompa, Oscar The Grouch and many other things which you can see in my behind the scenes footage. It was so amazing to spend time away by myself, adventuring the land that this world has to offer, all the while, experiencing things and meeting people that I wouldn’t have done or met otherwise. I became addicted to the life of a travel bug.


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Shortly after returning from Michigan, I was laying in a tanning bed hibernating from the snow outside when I thought one of the most important life quotes of all time, “What am I doing here?” I hadn’t been happy with being in this city or the place in my life that I was in for a long time, and I had enough. I was sick of asking myself that question, and I remembered the promise that I made to myself in April 2012.I promised to be back in Florida in a year. You are the only one that controls your own happiness, and I grabbed this theory by the balls. Three weeks later, I was packing my dogs and over-sized suitcases into my little convertible to travel across the United States on a road trip to Florida to arrive a year later, on the very day of my initial promise. I had no idea what to expect, where to go, who I would meet, how to survive and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life.


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On my road trip to Florida, I stopped in Pigeon Forge in Tennessee to further my lonesome adventures. There is something so exhilarating about being in a place by yourself without knowing anyone, completely out of your comfort zone, exploring different ways of life and scenery… And well, for Tennessee, accents were definitely another thing that was an adventure. What the hell were they even saying? I still don’t know. While there, I headed to the Aquarium and saw wonderful marine life that I thought I would never see up close and personal. I also visited the Titanic museum (I’m a huge history junky and love the Titanic story), and met an incredible young boy named Lucas and many other authors at a book signing who inspired me to be the best writer that I could ever be.


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Believe it or not, but one of my goals that I made for this year was to see a dolphin. When I made this list in January of 2013, seeing a wild dolphin was far out of reach for a landlocked Canadian. I had no idea that my goal would soon appear in my backyard every single day. I saw my first dolphin in John’s Pass which is also one of the best of 2013 moments and of my entire life. I went skidooing with a friend and had pods of dolphins swimming so close to me that the water from their spouts was hitting my face. It was incredible, and only furthered my love of the ocean.


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Hello to all my “lifers”. You know who you are. This was the most important thing that I experienced that taught me everything and all my life quotes that I’ll ever need. My lifers are people who I have met who will forever be in my life. It would be impossible to name all of them but each and every one of my old and new found lifers have brought such individual joy, happiness and absolute craziness to my life. I couldn’t be blessed with a better circle of friends. These people make up my heart and without them, I’m not sure that I would even know what true happiness is.


STAY TUNED FOR Best of 2013 in My Life – Part 2!

I want to hear the best of 2013 moments of your life, and what happened in my life that think should have made it on my list. Comment below!

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  • Brittany
    December 19, 2013

    I remember so many of these moments like they were yesterday 🙂

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