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Beauty Products to Never Skip Corners With

Don’t kid yourself, ladies. We have all been a culprit of walking through our favourite drugstores, only to skip out on their version of makeup must haves because we know that can get them cheaper elsewhere. I’m not talking about the typical beauty products such as lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras. Instead, I am talking about the makeup must haves that every lady has, but tends to skip corners with to save a couple bucks. Here are the 3 makeup must haves that you do not want to skip out on when it comes to quality. This Canadian blogger knows what’s happening.

Never Cut Corners For Crappy Cotton Pads

Cotton pads are totally one of the best makeup must haves because we use them for our nails, makeup, and many other things. We have all grabbed a roll of this beauty product from the dollar store a time or two, but they suck. However, it is hard to justify spending more than a dollar on something that we throw out. I’m telling you though – Spend that extra dollar and purchase a drugstore brand of cotton pads. Although you’re tossing cotton pads in the garbage like it’s your day job, poor quality options shred and leave fluffies in your eyes and on your nails, and it’s just a disaster and you’ll be so annoyed.

Poor Cotton Swabs Can Stab You Like a Foo’

It’s true. Cotton swabs are one of those items that we throw in the garbage on a daily basis, and it can seem tragic to spend more than a dollar on this makeup must have. However, stabbing your eye every time you try to rub off that line of mascara off that has smeared on the eye lid, only to have the cotton literally fall off is super annoying. Plus, this beauty product basically doesn’t work if the cotton just falls off. Get the right brand – cotton pads.

Stay Away From Bad Makeup Brushes

You can get makeup brushes everywhere. Some are $5, others are $50 – Just for one brush. It can sound crazy, but don’t skip corners because bad brushes will cause you plenty of hassle and annoyance. That is if they even work! Cheap brushes shed their bristles and you can’t wash them, so you end up replacing them much more often than you would with more expensive ones.

These three makeup must haves are easy to cut corners with, but you can never underestimate the power of spending a couple more bucks for beauty products that actually save you time, and ultimately money. This Canadian blogger has had her share with choosing the cheapest way, and there is nothing worse than having awful makeup must haves. You spend a little more at first, but save plenty more in the end.

Plus, you look much more fabulous because your beauty products actually work the way they’re supposed to.

Have you found a makeup must have that is so easy to opt for a cheaper version of, but leaves you with a disaster? Share below in the comment section! I can’t wait to hear.




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