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It’s Not The Beauty Products, It’s My Lashes

I wrote a blog on Cherry Blooms beauty products a little while back, and boasted about how incredible the fiber lashes are. More importantly, it seems to be that there is a toss up between two fiber lashes brands; Cherry Blooms and Younique. I’ve tried both and I am all for the Cherry Blooms. However, after reading some of the comments on Cherry Blooms Facebook Page about my lashes, I felt the need to finally state my piece.

Many people said that my lashes were clumpy; one eye was different; one eye had a space missing and so on and so forth.

To each their own; but I felt the need to state that this was not a result of my Cherry Bloom fiber lashes.

The truth is is that, yes, my one eye is definitely different than the other. 10 Years ago, I accidentally sprayed chemicals on my face and it resulted in a chunk of lashes falling out on one of my eyes and they never quite grew back the same.

Thanks for making me realize my wonky eye is super noticeable.

Jokes aside though, this is a huge insecurity that I have of mine and who wants to bring attention to their flaws, right? Well, I decided to share my story because ladies should not be missing out on the fabulousness of fiber lashes simply because I’m an idiot and messed up my one eye way back in the day.fiber lashes, beauty products, cherry blooms, younique

Can you tell which one it is?

To be fair though, my huge space in between one of my lashes isn’t near as noticeable with Cherry Blooms beauty products as it is with regular mascara.

As for the clumpiness, if you check out any beauty products instructions, they will tell you that you will receive a different look depending on your application and how you would like your lashes appear. I am a total culprit of having spider-leg-looking eyelashes. I’ve always been this way and can’t seem to shake my desire for the creepy-crawly look.

So, I just wanted to share my bit on these beauty products.

It’s not you, it’s me.

Now, please make me feel better about debuting my big flaw and comment about something that isn’t perfect on you. (kidding)


2 Responses
  • Jess
    January 2, 2015

    Great post! I love Younique fiber lashes, but I will definitely be trying out the Cherry Blooms now that you’ve mentioned them 🙂 And p.s. I didn’t notice anything wrong with your lashes. They look amazing!! <3

    • Chantal McCulligh
      January 2, 2015

      They’re amazing. I love both but Cherry Blooms takes the cake in my books.

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