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Is Shaving Your Face a New Lifestyle Blogs Trend?

I receive a lot of random messages on my social media pages, but when my girlfriend from high school sent me the following beauty blogs question, I felt like my world come to a quick halt with complete confusion.

“Hey! Do you shave your face?”

At first I was like, “I don’t know… Should I be shaving my face? Is this some sort of friendly hint my girlfriend is sending me through Facebook?” but before I could coax up some random nonsense that us ladies are ever-so-good-at doing, she sent me another message;

I see a lot of beauty blogs and Youtube videos of girls shaving their faces, and I was wondering if you have ever done this and if the hair grew back weird.”

Before I could even finish reading the rest of her message, I was slamming my fingers on my laptop keyword, typing ou, “No! No! No! No! No! Don’t do it!”

Once I got that out, I went on to explain my reasoning behind this big beauty blogs and lifestyle blogs faux pas, if I must say so myself. I’m sure you ladies remember when you first starting shaving your legs and were super excited about it, and all the adults in your life were like, “You’re going to hate it down the road. The hair is going to grow back thick and dark and prickly…” Well, the same can be said about your face.

First of all, we’re ladies and taking a razor to the face isn’t something we’re meant to do… Unless we’ve hit menopause and are in desperate need of some face grooming due to lack of estrogen but that’s a story for another day.  I would absolutely never ever ever recommend using a razor on the face unless you want that 5 o’clock shade that men get. No thank you!

However, there are beauty razor blades that some beauty blogs do use on their faces. I have used them for trimming my brows, but personally, I found them to be a super big pain in the booty. Like, such a drag that I’d rather be walking around with one eyebrow… If you know what I mean. That’s also not to mention that you’re still slicing the hairs right at the surface, or in other words, shaving them.


There are also electronic beauty shavers which I do use, and totally recommend. Again, I use this product to trim my eyebrows and nothing more.

If you’re looking to remove hair, whether it’s on your eyebrows, upper lip, chin… Forehead… Wherever, I recommend using an epilator. I’ve written tons of beauty blogs and lifestyle blogs about them because they’re amazing. They can also be used on all kinds of areas, from your legs to your armpits, and even in between for some landscaping. Epilators are like hundreds of tiny tweezers removing the hair from the root.  I have not noticed any of the hair growing back thicker or darker, and I’ve been using them for several years now. They’re like wax strips, only they don’t hurt as much and I find them easier to use as you’re not physically ripping a strip off your face. You could also try hair removal lotionshair removal lotions as well.

As you guys already know, I’m just a girl like you writing my beauty blogs post; I’m no expert but I put your concerns in my beauty regime and go from there. If you have a beauty blogs question, comment down below and I’ll get it answered for you in a future post!

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