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Be A Cry Baby!

It is okay to cry.

That’s one life quote that I will always preach.
It is okay to just let it all out at once.
I am not good at hurting people, but I know this is whats best.
I feel like I was torn to pieces by the words that were exchanged and yesterday I just broke down and cried.

Sometimes people are so scared to cry. So scared to show their emotions. One thing I am not, is scared to show my emotions. They say I wear them on my sleeves. I don’t think this is a bad thing. This does not scare me.
Being vulnerable is okay. If we never knew sadness, we would never know happiness.
Sometimes I feel like I am up against the world.
But I know life goes on.
I will be okay.
I will smile again.
Life is about ups and down.
Bad and good times.
We must roll with the punches.
Learn and move on.
Life is a bitch.
Life is funny.
Let’s have a laugh.

Laughter is definitely the cure.


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