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Barhopping Downtown St Pete


Last night was something else, as I took my outdoor adventures to drunken current events happening downtown. I mean, it must of been because I went through my phone this morning and I only took 3 pictures. Me only taking 3 photos during a night out must of meant I was having fun because I always take tons of pictures. Obviously! I need them to share my life with you guys, right? Apparently I didn’t have my head in the game Or maybe I did have it in the game… Just a little bit too much.

I wasn’t feeling like going to current events downtown St Petelast night, but best friend duties called and Dustin was dragging my arse out. He probably regrets that now because we broke up a thousand times last night. I even disowned Dustin and found myself a new gay boy bestie for the night. I was a mean, mean girl. It was one of those moods where I just wasn’t feeling like going out and rocking the night in St Petersburg Fl. I warned everyone that, after a few drinks in me, I simply wasn’t feeling like a nice girl. I couldn’t find anything to wear and every girl knows how bad of a buzz kill that is! Things were coming out of my mouth that shouldn’t have, but since when is that something new, right? I generally don’t have a filter, as you all know. Regardless, bar hopping downtown St Pete was on the agenda, so I obliged. I guess my “mean girl” aura fit my attire because everyone kept saying that I was Regina George from Mean Girls.

I have always absolutely adored downtown St Pete (as my travel blogs often show) because there are tons of things to do. It’s just so different. While we have heaters outside of our bars back home, St Petersburg Fl bars have fans. The weirdest thing is that almost all the places don’t have cover. Oh, no… I take that back. That wasn’t the weirdest thing. What I’m about to tell you blew my mind. Bars and clubs don’t check purses or anything prior to entry. In a country where guns are readily availableThere is no search of eople going into the club. What… Thaaa….! I felt safe, naaa mean. Nawt! You don’t go into any bar back home without having your purse checked. It was super weird.

We started off at Octave where I borrowed someones Darth Vader lightsaber and mask, and began to violate Dustin. As a result, I was left with a big bump on my nose. Thanks, Dustin. That’s what we call DOMESTIC, in Canada. I had to put a bandaid on my nose, and by “had to” I mean, I wanted to because I thought it would be funny? Don’t ask. People thought I was dressed up so I just kept telling them that I was the rapper, Nelly and had bad sight when placing my bandaid on. Get it? Get it? I then butchered Sir Mix A Lot on the stage, and I think people were cheering for me to get off the stage, more than they were encouraging my ear-bleeding rap abilities.

We then headed on over to SIP in downtown which was awesome. It was a good mixture of people which I always enjoy. I danced with Captain Jack Sparrow who had a killer costume. He even randomly threw handfuls of gold coins in the air. I obviously felt the need to pick some of them up. Again, don’t ask. If you’re a long time reader, you know that I always come home from a night out on the town with weird things. I had the SIP bar entry stamp stamped all over my face, and this morning when my friends told me to look in the mirror, I almost died with laughter. Well, until I showered and it wouldn’t come off. So, yes. I am sitting here with bar stamps all over my face still. I felt like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.There was also a guy dressed up as a Taliban with a fake gun and everything…. And being out with my Veteran friends, I was like… “You are going to die, my friend.” Of course, I was kidding and it was totally inappropriate, but that’s what I’m talking about. I was simply not a nice girl, joking or not. But seriously, what an odd choice of costume for someone living in a country who is at war with these people. Do you ever find some Halloween costumes to be totally offensive? I definitely think there’s a line. Like, dressing up as Taliban, KKK member, nazi, etc. is just way far beyond that boundary. And let’s be honest here, I don’t get offended very easily.

After outdoor adventures at SIP nightclub, we headed over to Detroit in downtown St Pete. We weren’t there for long and I soon headed home. Thank god because my feet were killing me. Back home, I only wear high heels… To the point where flat shoes hurt my feet. Well it’s the complete opposite here. I only wear flip flops. My feetskies hurt, but nothing that a delicious 3AM iHop meal couldn’t fix!

You have to take a walk around downtown St Pete if you’re around here and looking for things to do in Florida… Or just follow my travel blogs post and I’ll do the walking for you. After iHop twice, McDonalds and Taco Bell in less than 24 hours… I seriously need to do the walking. Yes… you can call me a fat ass. I was also stoked to see cops on horses because I get made fun of for that all the time. “Oh, your Mounties ride horses… eh….?” Well, so do yours dummy.

So our bar hopping was more like a bar skip since we only went to 3 places, but Dustin really wouldn’t stop talking about a Philly Cheese Steak and well, the gay man always gets what he wants, right? I also picked up tons of girls. Eh! You can never have too many girlfriends, right?


What is your getup for Halloween and what do you plan on doing to get into some trouble? Ooga booga. Spooky Spooky!



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