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Baby Cousin A’Hoy

Tonight I planned on working all night until my baby cousin called. Well, she surely isn’t a baby any more as she is in grade 11, but she’s my babygirl. Calling her my cousin doesn’t even begin to describe our relationship. She is my sister. Ever since she was born, she was attached to my hip. My little me. We are 6 years apart and she is my whole world. I’d drop everything for her in a second. I am also very close with her younger brother, but being as he is a boy, we do have a different relationship. Since I am so close with these guys, especially my cousin Jess, I am extremely close with her parents as well. We’re a great big family and talk often and I’m always getting the “you don’t visit enough!” phone calls. In all home videos and photos, Jess is always on my side, in my lap, holding my hand or something.

She’s my little sister.

Motivation to Always Be There

So when my phone rang and I saw that it was Jess, I picked up with a, “Hey babe!” Not to my delight, I got a sad response and immediately stopped working and jumped in my car to save my baby girl.

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I spent the whole night at my cousins house, eating pizza and being cousins. They all have snakes and I couldn’t help but continue to ask why they can’t just have normal pets… like a hamster! But what the heck.. I had to get in on the snakeness and held them! I was fine until the snake faced me and I felt like its slithering tongue flicking back and forth was a warning that he was thinking I’d be tastey. The snake excitement was quickly ended as I screamed for Alex to get it off of me.


We continued to hang out and just chit chat and I feel like I needed it, as much as Jess did. Sometimes you need to be reminded where you came from and your home roots and who will really, always love you no matter what and support you. I am lucky to have them in my life. I miss them so much and unfortunately don’t get around to visiting them often enough. I always say that these guys are my real family. I’ve always been extremely close with them, and it all stems from my relationship with quotes, motivation, lifestyle blogs


I would take a bullet for these guys – any day! And I will always do whatever I need to do to make sure she is the happiest she can be.

After icy roads, and me missing my exit – which I don’t know how I did considering I drive this a million times a day, I am now home with my little Diva girl…. sans snake, thank god.

Tomorrow I am going to start my Christmas shopping and work and hopefully go out but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen. Priorities, you know?

The only motivation you ever need is to be there for those who are always there for you.

Life begins and ends with family.

That’s one of my favourite life quotes.


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