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Award Worthy Hairstyles from the Drugstore

>Forget about trying to mimic what the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet ladies because most of the time it’s something horrendous that Hollywood has deemed as haute. Instead, it’s all about the hair. After all, you know you’re looking at those celebrities strutting their stuff on the red carpet wondering, “What hair products do celebrities use?” The only thing is you want the affordable option! So, I’ve picked the best hairstyles from last night’s SAG awards red carpet and I’m going to let you in on an OGX secret on how you can get the same look.

I choose OGX Beauty products because they’re fabulous and fabulously priced. You can purchased any of their products for less than $11. They’re also incredibly easy to find and are available across Canada at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs and other major drugstores.

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Here’s to achieving award worthy hair on a dime at a drugstore.

Achieve the sleek and straight look with a weightless oil


One hair trend strutting the SAG awards red carpet in 2017 was sleek and straight. Stars like Sofia Garcia, Kate Hudson, and Kerry Washington showed off some seriously luscious locks. So, put down your hairdryers ladies and stop blowing out your hair. Less (volume) is more. It’s excellent news, especially if you’re like me and don’t want to spend a fortune on hair care products. Extra bonus if you don’t want to wake up 2 hours early just to perfect the look. All you need to achieve this new hairstyle trend is some weightless oil and a good ole’ flat iron!

Get a slight wave or a tousled look with thickening cream

Put down the 0.5 inch curlers because the only curling wand you should be touching in 2017 is a 1.5 inch or larger. Unless they’re natural, tight curls aren’t a thing. At least they aren’t on the SAG awards red carpet. Instead, celebrities are rocking a more subtle wave or tousled look, which was rather refreshing to see. It’s a hairstyle we can all replicate. Better yet, it’s modest, sexy and incredibly chic. All you need is thickening cream, a flick of your wrist (and flat iron) at the end of your tresses or a round brush and you can recreate the looks of Emma Stone, Chrissy Teigan (#GirlCrush) and Teresa Palmer.



Tame the curls and turn them into a tousled masterpiece with coconut curls conditioner

Natural curls tend to need a little extra TLC, which is why I recommend the coconut curls conditioner. However, this beauty product will work for any hair that needs some rich moisturizing, as it’s really just a leave-in or rinse out hair conditioning mask.  But of course, I had to give it up to the ladies who braved the beast and let their natural curls flow or who tamed the curls. That takes some serious talent. Stars like Janelle Monae (who always has badass hairstyles, if I must say so myself), Brie Larson and Nathalie tore up the red carpet.


And there you have it, ladies. These are my favourite hairstyles from the SAG awards red carpet in 2017, along with the OGX beauty products you need to recreate the looks.

Was there one celebrity who stole your fashionable and beauty-loving heart?



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