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An iPhone and Blackberry Can Film

There is all this talk about fashion bloggers needing the latest and greatest camera and all the fabulous lenses that come with the absolutely best camera and cha ching, cha ching, cha ching ga ling!

That’s all I hear.

I’m going to jump on the hat train and drink some haterade because I, my friends and fellow fashion bloggers, disagree!

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Oh yeuh! Take that! I simply don’t think you need to have the latest greatest gadget to be the best. I mean, of course you’re going to want to take good, clear photos but you most certainly don’t need to ditch out a couple thousand dollars to do so. When you have the money – go for it, but I definitely wouldn’t consider it a requirement to be a successful fashion blogger.

Things I Use For My Fashion Blogs

For me, I am quite content using my iPhone 4S to take photos when I’m out and about. They turn out fabulous and you can get apps that spruce those badboys up right away.  As for all of my videos, which I get asked about a lot, I use my Blackberry Playbook. I have gone through cameras after cameras; Sonys, Canons and all other brand imaginable (that aren’t $1000) and I am quite content dishing out less than what I was, and getting better footage and easy to use technology.

So when asked if you need the lens 5000 with the futuristic camermania in order to be a successful fashion blogger, I say no. Work with what you have and as long as you are producing quality content and clear pictures, you will keep your readers coming back for more.

Aside from content, to be a successful fashion blogger, I thoroughly believe that you need consistency, confidence and personality.


Personal Tips for Fashion Blogs

All kind of fashion blogs can benefit from some insider tips and tricks. I recommend hiring a student or amateur photographer that will trade pics for their portfolio. It benefits you because you get free professional photos done, and it benefits them because they have photos to expand their portfolio, ultimately booking more jobs – and paid ones, at that. As long as you pick someone who you work well with and that does a decent job, what do you have to lose, right?


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