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A New Leaf

I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face. I realized some things last night that I always knew, but finally admitted to myself and honestly, it feels great. I’m ready for a fresh start and having no tears, worry and pain with me every single day.

Motivation To Know Your Worth


I’m always telling people to know their worth because that’s the most important thing you could ever have.  If someone else doesn’t know what you’re worth, that’s too bad because it’s their loss and as long as you know, you’ll be fine. I’m strong on knowing who I am and what I want and I have thoroughly hidden that in my mind intentionally for way too long. I know what I deserve and I’m going to have that. It’s funny, I always give advice and inspirational love quotes but very rarely listen to it myself. I’m going to start.

I’m off to start my new day and my new journey that you can follow throughout my lifestyle blogs. What do people say… Something about starting on a new leaf.. or turning over a new leaf or whatever. Who knows. Whatever the saying is, that’s what I’m doing. I’m surprised that I went so long without this feeling of happiness. I feel great.

And you know why I feel great?

Cause I know my worth and ladies (and gents), that’s all you will ever need to know.


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